Kicking and screaming into the 21st century

OK, So I’ve done it.  I have entered the 21st century.  I realize that i am a bit late to the party but I will try to catch up. 

 All of this activity on my part stems from fear.  Frar that the technology will get away from me.  I remember my mother having trouble programing her VCR.  I have a friend who has an ATM card but has never used it.  The technology had slipped from their fingers.

I am in my mid fifties and so I find much of the new technology to be just so many toys.  I can’t imagine someone watching Titanic on the 1.5″ screen on his phone.  I do not understand the reason for text messaging someone when a simple phone call would do.  Meetings and such being the exception to that.

 So….  Here I am…… Blogging.  A word I had not even heard two years ago.

 What this will become, i have no idea.  It can go two directions, political or home life.  Perhaps both. 

I am not going to tell you a long story about me or my life.  Frankly if you already know me, you already know that.  If you don’t, you probably don’t care (I’m not even sure why you are reading this).  What I will do is relate what is on my mind from time to time (hopefully about daily).

 So, here I am. In the 21st century….. I have arrived.  I have a Blog, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.  All of these are due to the encouragement of my sister.  She is a leader in new technology and when she talks, I want to understand.  Thanks, Susan.  Why didn’t you become a plumber?!?

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  1. Your sister did become a plumber, just one of informational Pipes and not water. Your bold step into the world of Technology will reap many rewards, a few moments of utter confusion, and a feeling that because of your actions, somewhere a Geek is getting his pocket protector.

    A twitter account is the interesting part. I can imagine it now…….
    I am on the tractor.

    Still on the tractor, it is hot today.

    The Cows seem unusually interested in the tractor today.

    Ooops fence did not hold…. cows following tractor better get it into Hi gear! Got pulled over by our cop today… Seems stampeeds are best left for cow punchers.

    He (the cop) helped me fix the fence. Stayed the rest of the day.

    Actually never seen a cop car with a Kegarator in the truck… seems to work pretty well, but with Keystone who can really tell….

    Yep Rick, I can see it becoming the smash hit of the fall season…….

    Matt Out

  2. O.K. Now what?

    There is obviously too much to talk about, but I am avoiding my workout by doodling here. So, seeyalater.

    God Bless,

  3. Well, Matt,

    Some of those “tweets” (?) would be close to true IF I used my phone to text updates. I don’t for two reasons: 1. I’m cheap and text messages cost me a dime each. and 2. Cell phones don’t work too good out here. Too far out from any cell tower.

    To use my cell phone out here I have to either hook up an external antenna or climb the silo.

  4. Okay. If you’re gonna blog, here are some basic rules: Follow the links. You might want to change your wordpress “skin” too to give you more flexibility (more columns, widgets, etc.). It’s all free.

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