I met someone very important tonight.

I met a United States Marine Staff Sergeant tonight. I was in a parking lot when I saw him. Not a common sight in a small town in the middle of South Dakota. How did I know he was a Marine? He was wearing his Dress Blue uniform. For those of you who do not know, the Marine Dress blue uniform consists of several layers of clothing, the outer most is a dark blue wool jacket. This would not be worthy of comment except the outside temperature was 91 degrees! As I pulled up to him in the parking lot I rolled down the window and said, “Good afternoon Staff Sergeant, a little warm for Dress Blues isn’t it?”

He replied, “If you want to get attention, Sir, you have to dress the part”. Turns out he was a recruiter. I thanked him for his service and he asked me about my military past. After a short conversation, I said goodbye so he could get on his way to his air conditioned car.

I am honored to meet any man (or woman) who has decided and volunteered to serve his country in a time of conflict.  I know… I served, but there was no “shootin’ war” going on then. These folks are different. they joined KNOWING that there was a good chance they would get shot at. They are much, much better men than I can ever hope to be.

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  1. Rick,

    Even though we did not serve in a “Shooting War” we did spend 20+ years defending and securing this nation. There were several times it came within a cat’s whisker of a shooting war but we stood our ground and backed them down.

    If I haven’t in the past, I would like to tell you now, thank you for your time spent with me showing the world our flag!

    Having a son that arrived in Iraq three weeks ago, and another coming out of advanced training for the Army this month, our family is upholding the traditions of the services.


  2. As I write on Veteran’s day. “They also served who flew from point to point and drank beer.

    Greg, thank YOU for the time you spent. Thank your sons for the gift they are giving a (sometimes) ungrateful nation.

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