Only in South Dakota

We hear the phrase “Only in America” many times.  Recently it has been abused by the left to illustrate something they find distasteful.  I will not talk about “Only in America” today. I want to talk about “Only in South Dakota”.Why do I say “Only in South Dakota”?  I am a “transplant” here.  I have no roots in the Midwest.  I came here to find something that has been lost in many other parts of the country.  I not only found it but I found many other delightful things as well.

I live in a place where I don’t have to lock my car in my own driveway.  A place where a person says “If you need anything…” AND they mean it.  Only in South Dakota can a person new to the area have a chance to chat with the Governor.  Not a “met and greet”, a real conversation.

I had that opportunity this weekend.  I not only met the Governor, I met and chatted with several members of the State of South Dakota Leadership.  I met the our next US Senator and (perhaps) our next US Congressman.  We were gathered to compare notes and do some serious thinking about the 2008 elections.

Why was I there? I was invited.  Invited because I have shown an interest in how this state is run.   I was invited because I chose to help those folks that think like I do get elected.  In most states, that might get you a warm fuzzy feeling and a free coffee.  Here, you meet and truly get to know those people.

Only in South Dakota can I drive from my home to the state capital on two lane roads (over 150 miles) and NEVER see a traffic light.  I did have to stop once, however.  I was asked to wait a bit while a rancher moved his 200 head herd of cattle from one side of the highway to the other.  “Only in South Dakota” can a man get delayed by moving cattle on his way to meet the Governor.

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  1. I met our governor before he was a Governor, I was not impressed then, and I am not now. The Green Governor who pisses away MILLIONS and Millions on Hybrid and Fuel Cell vehicles wont step in and hire a hand full of Game Wardens to protect the envronment he is supposedly so adamently protecting.

    In California, the Highway Patrol is RARELY if ever seen on a dirt road, and if you think you will get one to lay in a pile of brush all night with a night scope and a radio your gonna fail a piss test for sure. The dude is so managed that even when his own friends and other actors call him, and tell him something has to be done, he does nothing.

    Get to chat with him, are you kidding, we cant even get in the same room with him unless we throw a campagn contribution in 5-6 figure range to them.

    Rick you said it best,


    You may end up with a neihbor sooner than you think.

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