Fun under pressure

Cheryl and I have learned an old skill. Pressure cooking. That is cooking with a pressure cooker. How did we get involved with this arcane art? Easy…..

As most of you know, Cheryl and I are eBay sellers. we go to local estate auctions and look for things we can sell for a profit on eBay. We find old china, antique farm tools , old chenille bedspreads and other things, like Pressure Cookers. Pressure cookers are VERY common in household sales. I can pick them up for a dollar or two. I sell them for ten to one hundred dollars depending on the brand and the age.

Now, I told you all that to tell you this. One day I was bringing in a couple pressure cookers to clean up and list on eBay when Cheryl suggested we try one. Well… That’s how it started. Our first meal was a pot roast (hard to ruin pt roast). We made the pot roast in one cooker and the potatoes for mashing in another. It came out great!! That tough old piece of round was fork tender and the potatoes almost mashed themselves.

Next – Chicken. Cheryl has a chicken and rice dish that she knows I really like, so we modified the recipe to use a pressure cooker to cook the chicken. Again, it came out great. We were hooked.

Last night we made a 4 pound pork roast in one hour with the burner set on 4 of 10. That same roast in the oven would have been 3 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. We are making great meals, in less time and with less energy than even using a microwave.

Why do I bring this up?” Why do we do this? Well, taste first of all. Second, and here’s the exciting part… It takes less than half the energy. That’s right I am COOKING GREEN!!!! This old school, died in the wool conservative, is doing something to Save Energy! I am doing it for the convenience and the taste, saving money in the process is simply a plus.

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