South Dakota…. June Cleaver still lives here.

I saw an article this morning about the verbal abuse that the Rutgers fans and football players threw at the Navy Annapolis team. Here’s the link:

Now, I did not find this odd or unusual for New Jersey fans or even the team members. I only bring it up to show another reason why I left New Jersey and never looked back. This is an example of a declining culture. Sure there have always been jeers and cat calls during football games, but profanity and personal attacks (until recently and only on the coasts) would never be tolerated.

It is in this where my point starts to come to light. A very wise man once wrote that “A culture is only one generation away from loosing itself.” I couldn’t agree more. Our culture is under attack on many fronts. This one is the “tolerance” front. People who behave in a rude manner are tolerated to the point that the rude behavior becomes the standard and thus the genteel nature of our culture takes another hit. In the New York and surrounding areas, the concept of “politeness” has been lost to the upcoming generation. Saying “excuse me” when inadvertently bumping into someone is unheard of in New York and the surrounding 100 miles or so. Holding a door for a lady? You’ve got to be kidding!?! The “Culture” of politeness is gone at Rutgers.

Now, lets look at the Midwest… “Flyover country”. Foul language is almost unheard of here. It is not tolerated in the presence of a Lady or children. Families are taught to respect others. Sure there are still cat calls and jeers during local sports events, there always will be. But here is a big difference between “Get that Ump a new pair of glasses.” and “F–k You Navy.”  June Cleaver still lives here and you would NEVER say such things in front of HER.

Nuff said.

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  1. Nice skin! You #$@&^%$! 😉

  2. Thanks! Uh….. I think.

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