New Book?

Here’s something I wrote in October of 2004. I didn’t realize just how accurate (and scary) my predictions were. Some of the things I mention are already occurring. Others are VERY possible. I am going to add my comments in a different font while leaving the full text untouched.


Here’s the idea for a book. I woke up with this morning.With each election the Democrat party elites, along with their fellow travelers in the media, Hollywood and academia, are becoming more and more aggressive in their effort to regain and keep power. Here’s my “What if?”.We know that the Democrat party can regain power at least one more time during their demise. Just how far will they go?

During the second term of the current President a string of bogus stories start running through the mainstream media. These stories can be about Iraq or about oil cartels or even drugs. (It was tried and is still being tried) False witnesses start providing “eye witness” accounts to press describing the corruption in the administration.(Right now there are several “Phoney Soldieers” {who have not served} telling lies about what goes on in war zones) Hollywood makes a movie about this corruption and blames the highest levels of government. This goes on to the point that congress is pressured by the press to hold hearings on he matter. (Congress IS holding hearings – No movie required) . The majority party will try to debunk the witnesses and the mainstream press will start crying cover up and whitewash. The people loose confidence in the majority party and there is a rout come the next election (it happened).

Now that they have regained the position of power, they take steps to keep it permanently. They start a smear campaign against the conservative movement, the media calls conservatives “neo-nazis”.  Anyone who is not in support of the” Great Equalization” is labeled cruel, greedy and un-American. (Sound familiar?) The following occur in the first liberal congress: New fuel mileage standards are passed through the congress forbidding any car to get less than 40 miles to the gallon. (New CAFE standards passed through Congress setting the new “average” at 35MPG – I was off a little) Gas is rationed “to ensure we have enough oil to heat our homes”. Home schooling becomes illegal. Private schools are forced to comply with all the regulations of  Department of Education. This is done to ”save the children” from an “indoctrination of evil”.  All hand guns are banned (They are working on it… right now they are picking on Veterans). Owners of registered hand guns are required to turn in their weapons under penalty of prison. Rifles and shot guns that hold more than one round are also forbidden. “We can protect our citizens while still allowing the hunters their sport”. More of this kind of thing. Farmers come under the direction of the Dept. Agriculture and are told what they can grow and where they can sell it.  This is to protect the population from the upcoming food crisis. (perhaps the “food crisis can be the hype that starts the whole thing). A new department of Medicine is created and all doctors and hospitals become subject to control. Medical price controls are enacted. Health insurance becomes mandatory and an activity of the state. It becomes illegal for a doctor to take cash for services. (Can anyone say Hillerycare?)The conservative party now launches an effort to run against the party in power. In that election they win back a slim majority in the house but not the Senate. There is still a left wing president. Bolstered by their victory, the conservative party now moves toward the next election. They find that they can not get any air time on any talk shows (because they are radicals). TV, radio and newspapers will not run their advertising as it is “inflammatory”. Rallies in support of conservative candidates are forbidden due to rioting. “The safety of our citizens is our primary concern”. Conservative talk shows and internet sites are shut down because they’re subversive. (Fairness doctrine will come into play here) People running for office from the conservative side are indicted on false charges. (Tom Delay… Scooter Libby?) Those who are very popular and stand the chance of winning are killed in “accidents”. Conservative candidates are allowed to run for local positions where they are not a threat. This grows to state level and then to governor’s mansions. People start to rebel against the ultra high taxation and overregulation. The elitists realize that there is a ground swell of freedom loving Americans willing to vote the incumbents out of office. Elections are cancelled for the sake of national security. “We must protect our citizens from terrorist acts at the poles. At that point the states call for a second Constitutional Convention. They use the National guard to protect the gathering. The president calls out the Army to squash the convention but they refuse to act. The Convention reaffirms the dangers of big government and reestablishes the Constitution as the law of the land. They strengthen the First, Second, Fourth and tenth amendments. They eliminate the 12th and 13th (and 16th) amendments. Thus returning the nation to the states and the people.

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