A few thoughts about Ron Paul and the Libertarian party

Ron Paul is a Libertarian. In fact he ran as the Libertarian Candidate a few elections back.

He has many good ideas and some really bad ones. Leaving Iraq without an undeniable and absolute victory is one of the bad ones. I was not in favor of the initial invasion. I thought Syria or Iran would have been a better choice. Having said that, we would only give more power and credibility to the enemy now if we cut and run. It would give them the opportunity to say to those on the fence, “See, I told you they were weak”.


Let’s set that aside and talk about the Libertarians for a bit. I can’t endorse their party for three major reasons.




On immigration They propose free and open borders allowing anyone who wants to come here easy access.. I have trouble with free and open borders in time of war.

Part of their platform is to eliminate “victimless crime” which includes removing all laws concerning drug use. I have a problem with that. Only because I do not want to pay the medical bills of a gazzion druggies who will not or can not work. If we were to eliminate the government paid medical care and welfare,  I could buy into making all drugs legal.  AGAIN – ONLY IF the one taking the drugs is responsible for his/her own welfare.

I am closer to Libertarian than I am to the Christian Right. I do not think it is the government’s job to take care of me, nor do I think it is the right of government to tell me what to do with my body or property.  If what I do does not effect anyone else, than I sould be allowed to do it.

Abortion? Libertarian point of view goes back to the government having no say on the matter. I have trouble with that as well, but more on a gut level. On the one hand, I can argue that abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution so the FEDERAL Government should have no power concerning abortion. The tenth amendment leaves that to the states to decide. Overturning Roe Vs. Wade would do just that… and ONLY that.  On the other hand the Libertarian concept says that the government at any level should not have a say in this. I don’t think I can go along with that.

I am a Conservative (Capital “C”) republican. I am a true believer in the Constitution AS IT WAS WRITTEN. That makes me more libertarian (small “L”). I believe that the government has overstepped it’s boundaries by a factor of 100. I think the Land of the Free has become the Land of the FEE.

80% of my answers to this country’s problems tend to start with “Get the government out of it and…”

These things put me on the libertarian side of the ledger BUT do not make me a Libertarian.

If Ron Paul were to win the nomination for the Republican ticket, I could vote for him. I would not like, it but I could do it.

Then again, that pretty much goes with all the other Republicans running as well.

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  1. Ron Paul splits with the Libertarian party on immigration (he favors strong border control) and abortion (he’s pro-life, albeit also in a state’s rights sort of way). So it sounds like he might be more in line with your thoughts than you realize.
    As for Iraq, what would an absolute victory look like? As far as I can tell we already won the more readily winnable parts (defeat Saddam and the Iraqi army), will soon finish the remainder (destroy AQI), and then be left with a thankless political task (trying to create a stable, enlightened democracy from a culture that doesn’t really support it). Or does victory here look different than what I’m talking about? I guess my problem is that depending on how you define it, victory could be either already attained, tough but doable, or a fool’s errand…

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I had to think about it, but I do remember voting for Ron Paul in 1988. I thought he had some good ideas but it was mostly a “None of the Above” (protest) vote.

    I am truly in favor of closed borders. In fact I am in favor of militarized borders.

    I am not in favor of abortion on demand but (as I said above) I do not think it is a federal issue.

    As to Iraq. An undeniable victory is a stable state that likes us and doesn’t like extremist muslim terrorists. Nothing less will do now.

    People say they want our troops out. Do these people realize that we still have troops in Japan and Germany?

    Now…. Let’s go radical for a minute:

    Let’s pull ALL the troops home. Not just Iraq, but Afghanistan, England, Germany, Cuba, Spain, Iceland, Scotland, Turkey, Korea etc. ALL OF THEM. Put them on our borders with orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to enter.

    Then close immigration for a time (another whole blog post here so I will not go there today).

    If we were to that, then I could go along with pulling the troops out of Iraq.

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