Liberty is on life support in the U. S.

Liberty? What is that?

I saw an article this morning that caused me to think.  Think about the things our Founding Fathers fought for.

This like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The right to Life is in question today from the living room to the church yard to the Supreme Court.  There is great consternation as to just WHEN that right begins.  I’ll not go into that today.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a tough one as well.  To vague for me to put my arms around. After all one can “Pursue” happiness in a Gulag.

I want to talk about Liberty.

I define Liberty as the right to choose, an am firmly convinced that I have lost that right in most areas of my life.

The article that triggered this post was from Newsmax. (I was going to add the link but I got errors. You can look it up.)

The article talks about Best Buy pulling all analog TV from showroom shelves starting next month. They will only be offering Digital TV in the future.

Now, in my opinion a company has the right to choose what to sell and what not to sell. BUT….. I say this “Liberty” has not only been taken away from Best Buy, it has been taken from us as well.

Congress chose to eliminate analog TV broadcasts and force the American Citizens to Digital TV.  Not only that, they chose the Digital format we were to use.  In a true Representative Republic having a true Free Enterprise system “We The People” would have used our checkbooks to vote in the system that we wanted.  We lost our Liberty when it comes to TV broadcast format. Remember the VHS vs. BETA days? Where else have we lost “The power to Choose? Do you know that the amount of water your toilet uses is FEDERAL LAW?  How about the flow rate of your shower head? You are NOT allowed to choose how much water comes out of your shower head.  It is regulated by FEDERAL LAW.  You might say these are small things and are probably best for us. Perhaps so, but Who Decides

I point this out just to show how much we have lost Liberty in our United States.  If things this small have the attention of the Federal Government, how much do you think they regulate the big things?

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