On this Veteran’s Day

On this Veteran’s Day I (as a Veteran) would like to take a minute to thank all those who have chosen to take a portion of their precious lifetime and give it to the country they love.  Though this gift of a few short years may seem minor to some, if you think about it, life is the most precious gift one has. Without it there is nothing.  To volunteer to take a portion of one’s greatest gift and give it back to the country of their birth is almost beyond one’s understanding.  But many did not give just a few short years of their most precious possession, they gave the whole thing. How does one repay a Veteran for this intimate sacrifice?  One can’t.  Why?  Because that person is no longer here to repay.I am honored and privileged to have served my country with pride for 21 1/2 years.  I truly got more than I gave over those years.  I know of (an know) those who gave much more than I did and it is those that I wish to honor today.

Men (and more recently, women) who have left their homes and families, not knowing if they will ever see them again.  They join an organization which seeks to go in harm’s way and they do their very best to protect what we hold dear.

Some gave their Life so that we could have Life.  All gave a piece of their Liberty so we could have Liberty.  Many gave up for a time the pursuit of their own happiness so that we at home could pursue ours.

There are several reasons why our young men and women choose to serve.  I can say from experience it is not the money. It is a sense of pride and duty.  I chance to give back something to the nation they hold dear.

Thank God for our Veterans. Both past and present.

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  1. Thanks Rick. As a veteran as well, I must admit that I am awestruck by the young men and women of today’s military. I wish them well, and God’s Speed. Accomplish your mission, do it to the best of your ability and come home to us with the pride you should have, from giving back to this country which you hold so dear.

    I often thank those I see in uniform, and it seems almost universal that they border on embarrassment, like we were thanking them for something that did not need thanks. But as you pointed out they do need our thanks, and our support. They should not be pawns in some capital hill budget battle, and they should not be held back from completing their misson because it is not politically expedient to do so.

    Win the war, occupy for as long as it takes, and then when the countries are really ready to provide for their own security, extract our troops. Our military is strong because we made them the best there is to offer. They are owed our grattitude and so very much more.

  2. I joined the Navy at the peak of Viet Nam. The draft was breathing down my neck and I didn’t want to go “in country”.

    The soldiers that join today KNOW that they have a very good chance of be placed “In Harm’s way”.

    They are all volunteers and as such much…. much better than I.


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