BOHICA – That should be the title for the New Energy Bill

For those without a military background, BOHICA stands for “Bend Over… Here It Comes Again!”Once again the US Congress is about to take a giant step backwards on energy.   They have a new Energy Bill in the works that will truly deliver less energy than before.   Before I start my rant I need to lay out some background.

If you recall McDonalds Hamburgers in Styrofoam containers, then you can remember the older cars.  The cars that were built before the days of the first CAFE standards.  What are CAFE Standards?

In the Sixties and into the early eighties a typical “mid sized” car would seat six people in fairly good comfort.

The Ford Falcon, Mercury Comet, Dodge Dart and Chevrolet Nova were considered Economy cars. They would seat six uncomfortably.  When Lee Iacocca came out with the K Car in the early 80’s it was considered a compact economy car.

The micro cars came in to compete with the cars from offshore.  Cars like the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Civic and the VW bug.  They were the Ford Pinto, the Chevrolet Vega (later the Chevette) and the Dodge Omni.

Have you looked at any of these cars lately?  Have you seen them parked next to a new Buick Park Avenue or Chevrolet Caprice?

Today’s “big” cars are the size of yesterday’s’ sub compacts!

That’s what CAFE has done.  It has made us less safe by not allowing us to have the protection of mass around us.  It has taken away our liberty (our power to choose) when we go to buy a car.

Why have the manufacturers done so well with Suburbans, Expeditions, Durangos?  Because people for the most part want the safety of a BIG CAR.

Let me get back on point. The cafe standards took us from full sized cars and put us into sub compacts.  Now the left wing nuts in Congress want to do it again!  They want to raise the CAFE to 35mpg AND include all light trucks in the average!

This next step will reduce the size of cars again by the same amount as it did the first time AND eliminate the large family car of today (the SUV).

Imagine you are gong to buy that new car for your family of four.  You go the dealer and look for a big comfortable safe car….  And they show you a Ford Focus or Chevrolet Aveo, perhaps even the Toyota Echo. You tell the salesman you want a BIG car and he answers that’s as big as they come.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their socialist friends in Congress want to take away your liberty!  They want to take away YOUR power to choose what is the safest car and best car for your circumstances.

If you want your next BIG family car to be bigger than a roller skate with windows, call your Senator TODAY.  Tell him/her to dump the current Energy bill and pass something that actually solves the energy problems in our country.

How about a bill that opens up new areas for oil exploration?  The Red Chinese can drill for oil off the Florida Coast, BUT WE CAN’T!!!! How stupid is that!!!!  It’s true, they’re working a deal with Cuba.  Do you think the Red Chinese (the dirtiest country on the planet) will care it they spill oil on our Florida beaches?

How about a bill that lessens the reams of paperwork it takes to build a new refinery?  Or perhaps getting rid of some of the restrictions on atomic energy?

This new energy bill is a Lack Of Energy Bill.  It has little to do with relieving our pain and a lot to do with sucking up to the ultra left agenda of lowering the standard of living in America.

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  1. Besides that, it throws a TON of new tax burden on the oil industry, and we know where that money is going to come from don’t we? GAS Will hit $4 a gallon before we know it, and they want to add FEDERAL ENERGY USE REDUCTION taxes on this pile of dooo?

    While I do indeed see the need to conserve I do not see higher taxes as a way to solve the energy issue. And although ethanol is a great start, we have a long way to go to produce a workable solution. E-85 and other reformuated gasolines are not very good to boats with fiberglass fuel tanks, and many rubber products including some fuel lines. It breaks down the Fibreglass and starts forming stuff that destroys the engine thru deposits on the walls of the cylinders.

    While I do believe global warming is an issue and that we need to conserve anyway, I have to say that with India and China getting to the point of having a MASSIVE middle class who are wanting CARS, whatever we do here is going to be like pissing on a forest fire. Yes those cars are more efficent, but we are talking HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people all being added to the world of drivers, and isn’t that a serious addition to the “CARBON FOOTPRINT” ?

    India for one is looking at cars that cost below $5,000 to buy, and at that price point I can’t imagine it is gonna be long on features that reduce emmissions. The reason that everybody wants US to conserve is so they can carve their chunk of the energy market out before the “shortage hits”.

    Ohhhh sorry forgot, there is no shortage, they just began working on a newly discovered off shore deposit off of Brazil that will probably produce about 8 BILLION barrels, and they just found it’s neighbor that promises to be bigger!

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to put solar on my roof and laugh all the way to the bank, recharging my plug in hybryd with the sun’s energy so I dont have to use the gas for the first 30-40 miles.

    But in reality I would be laughing all the way to the poor house since the solar array alone to run my house would probably be $30K and the upgrade to the Ford Escape Hybrid for the PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) mod would set be back an additional 10K on top of the $25K for the thing in the first place. The batteries are supposed to last 10 years, the damn things better, at the savings we are looking at I would not probably see them paid off before they need to be replaced!

    Figuring the current maximum of 40 miles a day free, if you drive like the (slowski’s), I would have to wait a very long time to pay back even the upgrade, let alone the SUV it goes into. Yes the solar would also help run my house, but the batteries don’t last forever and when those get replaced where do they go? And where does my savings go?

    Ohhh but I will be helping the envronment, which is good, but China is building a new COAL fired power plant at a rate of one a WEEK right now to fill it’s energy needs. That is a carbon and polution foot print that the golly green giant could fall into and never be seen again!

    The issue is complex, and I don’t see india going great guns to cut back on their greenhouse gas emissions, hey they wont even eat a cow, and those suckers put out a LOT of methane!!!

  2. Does anyone think that anyone in Congress could design a car that got 1/8 mile to the tablespoon?
    Dont think so.
    Well, that is about what they are asking for.
    Reminds me of a story thats been around since about 1900: A congressman wanted to change value of pi (the relationship of the diameter of a circle to the circumference) from 3 1/7 to3 so it would be easier to figure! Go figure.

  3. The sad thing about the 2007 Energy bill, is that the HoR passed their version in May, and the Senate didn’t pass theirs until October. What makes that sad is that the House has 438 members and the Senate only 100.

    But the really sad thing about this bill is that there are almost no provisions regarding renewables. All the tax incentives etc that the House version had were stripped from the Senate version. The Senate, true to it’s nature, voted along Corporate, oh I mean, Party lines.

    We are allowing special interests to have too much influence in DC.

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