Every Vote Counts? Not if the NJ Democrats have their way.

Did anyone notice what the Democrats in the New Jersey Statehouse just did?  They just voted to disenfranchise ALL 15,000,000 New Jersey voters. 

That’s right, the Democrats who continually shout that “Every Vote Must Count“, have taken the ENTIRE STATE of New Jersey out of the presidential race!  What did they do?  They passed a bill that would send all the electoral votes for President to the guy who won the popular vote! 

That’s right, give the Electoral votes to the guy who got more votes in California, Illinois, New York and Florida.  If the governor signs this piece of dung (as I’m sure he will) your vote for President in NJ will mean NOTHING. 

Let me say this another way, if the popular vote goes to one guy and New Jersey votes for the other guy the state will give all the Electoral votes to the first guy! Bottom line? YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT!!!!! FIFTEEN MILLION VOTES DON’T COUNT!!!!!

What this is in reality is GET EVEN legislation. It stems from the hate generated in 2000. Al Gore won the popular vote but George Bush won the electoral vote. The left is still mad at loosing that election fair and square. Now they want to get even, and they are going to do it at the cost of EVERY VOTER in New Jersey!! Don’t believe that even they could be that stupid or norrow minded?

Here’s the link:


This is what happens when the Liberal Left is in control. They TAKE away your RIGHT to vote, your power to choose (liberty).

AND…. They do it with a smile!

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