One more time…..

Once more time….. This is a note to my Son in Law Patrick. A man I admire and greatly respect.  He is one of those who is willing to go in harm’s way to preserve what we hold dear here at home.  Tomorrow he heads back into the zone of battle.  Not because he has been forced to, not because he has been coerced.  Not because he is too stupid to do anything else or too poor to be of benefit anywhere else (like some liberals have said).  He is doing it because he has chosen to stand up and defend our nation and it’s right to exist.  Pat is an active duty Army E-5 who is going back to the sandbox.  I am very proud.  Proud because he is doing what I’m not sure I would do.  Yes…. I was in the Navy for 21 years.  BUT…I was never shot at.  He has been and in spite of that he reenlisted and is going back into the battle.  I AM proud to know him.

Pat, my friend, you are much better man than I.  When I was on the phone with you last night I could not find the words to express my gratitude for what you do.  You choose to do things and go places that would have the average person running screaming into the night.  You, by your very choice, are a Hero. A hero will go in harms way for another without thinking of himself.  I know you think that what I am saying is hype and you are just doing your job.  Well it is NOT hype.  It is called respect.  Respect for you and for the folks at your side.

You have chosen to be a soldier.  You have chosen to give up most of your rights and freedoms so we at home can maintain ours.  You have decided that it is necessary and important to keep a strong military and you have put a great deal more than “your money where your mouth is”.  You are giving me and all who live in this nation a great gift.  The gift of freedom.  You are paying a great price to give us this gift.  The price of being away from friends and family.  The price of liberty, the price of your own freedom.

Pat, I wish you well in these next months.  I will say a prayer for you daily (though you may not believe it does much good).  Once more into the fray, once more defending my right to exist.  Once again putting yourself in harm’s way for a greater purpose.

I thank you for what you do. I thank my daughter for introducing me to you.  You, sir, are a great man and it is an honor to be a part of your family.

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  1. I can say little that would add to what has been posted, but at least I can echo the sentiment that Rick has been kind enough to express. Pat, I wish you well, and a safe return to those you protect. I thank you for protecting this country and it’s people, that they may live thier lives as they see fit, not as others would order them to.

    Being an american soldier means protection for everyone, from the whack jobs, to those who truly “get it”. Because as much as we might disagree with thier concept of what america stands for, they stand under our flag, and so, bask in the freedoms and benefits she brings all in this great nation. That is what america stands for, freedom for all.

    Pat, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Gods Speed.

    Matt Elyash
    Sacramento CA

  2. Pat I wish you well in your endeavors. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I will definately say that I am Proud of you. Thank You for your service. I am a retired Navy CPO. Just to let you know that You are a hero to me. I salute you and I will Pray for you and your entire family.

  3. Good for you, RIck. It is a good thing for us all that there are people like Pat who are willing to put it all on the line for our freedoms.

    We should remember to pray for these noble folk on a daily basis. No matter what the circumstances of life, there is always something to be grateful for, and the lives of those who are serving in the US Military now are in that category of blessings that we can always be praying for with gratitude.

    God Bless,

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