Winter in South Dakota

Well, here it is January.  The winter is in full swing. According to the National Weather Service we are in for it this time.

We expect thirty six hours of continuous snow with high winds in the later stages.  The perfect scenario for all those “be prepared” stories on the news.  As I type this the sun has disappeared and the heavy clouds have started to roll in.

I will have to stop soon and get the vehicles inside, make sure everything is put away, put an extra scoop of cat food in the bowl for the barn cats.  I’ll check the fuel, oil and hydraulic oil level in the John Deere tractor.  I’ll turn it round so the plow is facing out.  It will be ready.

I’ll place the snow shovel inside the mud room, next to the ice scraper -just in case.  If this turns to ice it could get very ugly.  Two years ago we had an ice storm that knocked out power for 8 days.  I was not prepared then, I am now.  I have the generator fueled and in position.  Perhaps I’ll start it this morning… it just to make sure.

I’m glad that we had a week’s worth of January thaw. This way the new snow will not be stacking up on what was once there. Yup… the National Weather Service says we are in for it this time.  Thirty six hours of continuous snow with winds 20 to 25mph.

I’ll be ready, it isn’t going to catch me flat footed this time.  I have been warned.  The meteorologists at the NWS say that the total accumulation could be up to as much as one and one half inch.

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  1. Been there…Done that!

  2. Wow, I dunno Rick, if the government decides you are making too many preparations they might turn off your electricity… lol

    I think manditory evacuations in the face of this storm should be warranted. I mean, 1 to 1 1/2 inches!


  3. Wish we were back in SD. We loved the snow storms! You’r right, all you have to do is be prepared. Then, sit back, open the drapes and watch the snow come down. What a peaceful experience. Hope you enjoyed it. And for all of you that have never experienced a blizzard – I feel sorry for you.

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