Stimulate the Economy?

Stimulate the Economy?  How?The Government is spending more than it takes in year after year and it has finally come home to roost.

The economy is slowing down.  Why?  Because congress can’t control itself and continues to spend money faster than it can tax it.  What has this done?  It has trashed the strength of the dollar overseas.  Want to know why we have 95 dollar oil?  Its not the price of oil, it’s the price of the dollar.  Oil, when compared to the price of gold, has not changed much over the years. When oil goes up, so does everything else.   Now, contrary to what the CBO tells us, inflation is on the edge of a runaway.  Here’s a twist on the old line…..


So… we have a weak dollar because our congress (yes, with the help of a complicit President) has managed to push the national debt to about $100,000 per household.  Foreign governments and foreign business know we will never pay this debt down so they don’t want our dollars anymore.  We have to keep giving them more dollars for the goods, services and oil we want.  So we (our government) have spent ourselves into this economic downturn. What is the answer from our leaders? MORE SPENDING! FASTER SPENDING! NOW!!Hillary wants to spend $70,000,000,000 (yes, that’s 70 thousand million dollars) on helping folks who were foolish enough to buy houses they couldn’t afford, buy “green” jobs (whatever they are)  and provide a bailout for high energy bills (caused by her cronies in the first place).  If that is a not enough then how about $40,000,000,000 more in a rebate program for the low and middle class?

George Bush wants to send everyone a check for $250.00 and tell them to spend it. That would cost about 100,000,000,000 dollars.

The Congressional leaders of both parties are meeting behind closed doors to figure out how to spend us out of a recession. A recession they caused by them spending too much in the first place.

I prefer the B-52 method of economic stimulus. Let’s load the bomb bays of a bunch of  B-52 bombers with twenty dollar bills and send them out to drop their loads indiscriminately throughout the country. Why do I prefer this method? I costs less money to do and will have the same negligible effect on curing our economic ills.

Do our “leaders” truly want to stimulate the economy?  Or is this just more pandering?  It is my opinion this is just another ploy to buy votes with our own money.

If those in government truly wanted to cure the ills of this economy, they would seriously look to what the causes are.  Over spending, over regulation and over taxation.

Want to get the economy to grow?  Get the government’s hand out of the people’s pockets and get the government regulators out of the meeting rooms of US businesses.

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