Life in “Flyover” Country

Well, I did it. I finally got my wife out in the cold weather.  There is a group of about 6 to 12 people who get together at the church on Wednesday evenings for a Bible study and prayer.  Cheryl really likes these get togethers, so we go almost every week.  Last week we didn’t go because she said it was “too cold” to go.  She is concerned with driving in the cold out here in rural America.  “If we broke down we could freeze to death before any help would come”.  She is probably right.


Cheryl really wanted to go last night because we missed last week.  I told her that we would be ok, the church is only three miles away and there is a neighbor’s house half way.  “If we break down we are within a mile of a warm building – home, the neighbor’s or the church” .  She finally agreed.

So….. I went out to start the van.  I knew it was cold when I got back out to scrape some ice off the windshield and the left lens of my glasses fell out.  It was so cold the lens shrunk and fell out of the frame!!  Ever look for a clear glass lens in the dark in 3” of snow?  Ever do it with only one good eye? Well, Cheryl helped me find it and we went back into the house to put it back in.  I’m just glad she wasn’t laughing too hard to be helpful.  She gave the hold down screws an extra bit of torque and we were off again.

On the ride to church the thermometer in the van said it was13 below zero.  On the way back it hit minus 17. We moved up here four years ago and Cheryl had never been out when it was that cold.  I think she may be the smarter one, when the temperature goes below zero, she stays inside.  This was her first experience with real cold.  She was fun to watch.  She couldn’t get into the church and back into the house fast enough!!!

My friend Don in northern Iowa gave me the answer years ago.  Before I moved up here on to the High Plaines I was looking at the average temperatures for the area.  I talked to Don about my concerns about the cold.  He put it simply, “Yeah…. It might be cold…. But I’m warm”.

I was dressed for the occasion, I had on thick socks, thick leather boots I got in the Navy, flannel lined blue jeans, a t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a heavy flannel shirt, my extra thick winter coat, a nanook of the north furry hat (with ear flaps) and two layers of gloves.  I was fine. Cheryl chose not to wear her flannel lined jeans and thought she was going to freeze her butt and calves off.

I was actually giddy with the experience.  I found the whole thing exhilarating.

Cheryl just found it cold.

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  1. As you have said, you don’t have to live there while it is below zero, that just adds to the fun….

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