What would REALLY happen?

What would really happen if the Supreme Court were to reverse Roe Vs Wade?  Would the world come to an end?  Would we suddenly be overwhelmed with overpopulation?  Would young pregnant woman suddenly by using unsterilized and crude instruments in an attempt to self abort?  Would unscrupulous and unlicensed “doctors” set up filthy shops in back alleys and roving motor homes?  Would the suicide rate in young women suddenly expand exponentially?

Here’s the best question – Would overturning Roe Vs Wade make abortion illegal throughout the United States?  The answer to all but especially the last question is a resounding…


What did the Supreme Court do with Roe Vs Wade.  They said that abortion was a FEDERAL matter and could not be determined by the states.  That’s all they said.  If today’s court were to reverse this proclamation then the decision would revert back to the state legislatures where, in my opinion, it belongs.   

I can think of some states where this court decision would go unnoticed, California perhaps, Vermont for sure, as well as Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.  I can think of other states where this would be a big change.  In South Dakota, for instance, there is already a law in place making abortion illegal the moment Roe Vs Wade is overturned.  Other states may have similar statutes.  If they don’t, I’m sure ones would soon follow.  Most of the Midwestern states would more than likely vote for the sanctity of life, though some (Minnesota for one) may stay an abortion state.  I think, once all the decisions are in, that there would be between 30 and 40 states choosing life while the rest would choose to do nothing.Will this be the end of civilization as we know it?  Would our American culture be over?  Again the resounding answer is…



All it would do is bring the argument and the CHOICE back closer to WE THE PEOPLE where it belongs.

CHOICE – Isn’t that what liberty is all about anyway?  Let’s let the States choose and get the Fed out of our bedrooms and surgical bays.

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  1. Why should abortion be the CHOICE of WE THE PEOPLE
    instead of the Choice of the women and her mate that are

  2. To start with, the mate is not legally allowed to do anything. He has no rights in the matter whatsoever. Something I think is wrong.

    As to the basis of your question, I was trying to keep the question as to weather abortion is right or wrong out of the discussion. Many people find the concept abhorrent while others have a more libertarian point of view. There is plenty of discussion on the subject to be found on the web and elsewhere.

    What I am saying is that the Hamiltonian philosophy of the FED controlling everything is wrong. I prefer the Jeffersonian outlook that things are best when worked out at the lowest level of government. The level where the individual has the most input.

    I am of the opinion you may not be so happy with the decision made by nine people dressed in black robes if they had ruled the other way. I, personally, am not happy with many decisions of the highest court. That’s why I prefer to keep things local.

    Thanks for your comment.

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