A conservative’s thoughts on Super-Duper Tuesday

Well. Here it is…. Super Tuesday and the 24 hour news stations are going to be doing all election all the time.  The talk radio guys are going to be talking about the election all day.

Frankly, I am already burned out with the race for the White House.  To start with, my guy (Newt Gingrich) didn’t run and my second choice (Fred Thompson) has dropped out.

I am now left with 4 poor choices:

First –  a guy with an identity problem – McCain in in the wrong political party.  He is too liberal to be called a Rino.  He is for Amnesty and against free enterprise. 

Second – A guy who was a liberal governor of the most liberal state in the union less than a year ago.  Seems now he has suddenly become a conservative.  Hmmmm…. Believe that?  Romney is anti gun, he said he will gladly sign a new law making “assault“ weapons illegal.  He pushed through a law making health insurance MANDITORY in Massachusetts. AND…. He’s proud of it!!!

Third is a guy who I respect and can support but not with overwhelming enthusiasm.  His track record is not great and that makes me nervous.  BUT he is for the Fair Tax and understands the Second Amendment.  Mike Huckabee talks a good talk but I’m not sure if he can walk the walk.

Forth is a guy that I truly consider a great man.  He understands what the Founding Fathers were trying to do and wants to bring back the greatness that was the United States of America.  Unfortunately, he has a blind spot when it comes to Islam.  He does not see Islamo-fascism as the enemy.  He is still under the misconception that if we are nice to them, they will be nice to us.  That will get us killed.  Ron Paul is a strict Constitutionist and, before 9/11, I would have given him all my support.  Now things are a bit different.  This blind spot keeps me from supporting him.

So as you can see… I have no dog in the fight. I have to choose from a list of 3 socialists who want to continue to drive this country to the left and one who is right in everything but things that will kill us.

When the day comes for me, I will stand and support Mike Huckabee.  He is the least worse of the bunch.

As to the Democrat side…. Electing either one would simply be an Obamanation.

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