OK…… Now what?

Now that I have had time to digest the events of last week I have come to a couple of conclusions.

The first is obvious…. Regardless of the November election results, there will be (at the very least) a liberal in the White house this next January.  The only question is HOW liberal.  So the head of this nation (regardless of political affiliation) will continue to pull this country toward social fascism.  More of our freedoms and more of our money will be taken away at the point of a gun. The second conclusion is a little less obvious.  We, as conservatives who love this country, can not roll over and play dead.  It is more important, now more than ever, to have a strong base and to elect people who think like we do.  Now is the hour to get off our behinds and get involved in the campaign of a conservative candidate.  We NEED all the conservatives we can get AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT to hold back the tide of socialism that is sure to come.Get to know your candidates for the city, county, state and federal offices.  If they are conservative and believe in liberty and freedom, get behind them. Write a check if you can, even more, be INVOLVED. Work in a campaign office. Help with a phone bank. Address envelopes. Host a meet the candidates coffee. Do SOMETHING!  If you don’t…. you will soon be living in the People’s Republic of Amerika (or perhaps the Mex-Areri-Can-adian Union).

Conservatives who believe in less government intrusion, more liberty and freedom have a voice in this country.  We saw that last summer when we shut the door on McCain’s amnesty bill.  We have to do it again in November to shut the door on the liberal soon to occupy the White House.

I don’t care who you vote for or who you vote against this fall for President, it won‘t matter much.  However, YOU should care about who is running for the U.S. House and Senate. Only a conservative block in those houses will keep the socialist up the street in check.

Conservatives have a mission, that mission is to save this country from self destruction.  We can only do that effectively with conservative representation on the local School Board, the City Council, the County Commissioners, State Legislatures, Governors and in the US Congress.  If we fail, we could very well loose what little is left of the America we inherited from the “Greatest Generation“.

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  1. I will agree with you completely. Any military person who votes liberal does not see the past or the future. Good Bye to our military when the liberals take over. WAKE UP.

  2. You are absolutely correct. No ,atter who (or what) we get for President, it wont be what we really want. Congress and State and local politics is where we can, and must make our voices heard.

  3. As I ask in the other board that we are both members of, what EVIDENCE do you proffer that McCain is a Liberal? So far all I have heard from anyone is what Coulter or Limbaugh say. Never do I hear from anyone what they have found when they look at the man’s voting record.

    Not saying that I totally agree with him, but I am a Libertarian, and I don’t agree with every thing Ron Paul says, and he is pretty much the darling of the Libertarian movement. And I feel that it is incumbent on me, as a voter and as a commentator, to research how he voted rather than merely relying on Ann and Rush. They have shown a tendency to shade the truth, and even, dare I say it, selectively omit key items. Hmm, sounds like what they accuse the ‘liberal media’ of.

    Also, I would submit that many who credit the President with the power to do things really overestimate the power and ability of the President. There are two other branches of Government that come into play. Ron Paul stated that he would get rid of the IRS. Yeah, right. Not gonna happen. Requires Congress to pass a law to that effect. Same same with many of the things ‘conservatives’ say they are gonna do.

    Conservatives do not own exclusive right to the Mantle of Saviors of the Republic. Also, many who claim to be conservatives do not really understand conservatism. These are, in many cases, the same people who herald George Bush as a conservatism. The man is nowhere near being a conservatism. He has shown fiscal irresponsibility, he has grown government, he has shown a marked disregard for the rule of law, and has shown a disdain for civil liberties. These are not the marks of a conservative.

    Supporting Torture? Warrantless searches? Warrantless wiretaps? Intercepting Mail? If this is conservatism, no wonder I left the GOP – I don’t want any part of a movement that does things that make me ashamed. Conservatism states a belief in the rule of law. Disdaining the law through use of Presidential Signing Statements, George Bush has even incurred the ire of the John Birch Society, arguably one of the most conservative of societies.
    I Quote from http://www.jbs.org/node/6982:
    “The National Defense Authorization Act recently passed by Congress prohibits the use of federal funds to establish permanent military bases in Iraq. Mr. Bush’s signing statement cancels that sensible directive. With the stroke of his pen, his action also voids protections for whistle-blowers who complain about corruption in government contract work, impedes turning over to Congress intelligence reports, and cancels the creation of a bipartisan commission designed to investigate allegations of waste and mismanagement in federal contract work.”
    This is the work of a man called ‘Conservative’?

  4. To start with GW Bush is not now and never was a conservative. See my post on the other board.

    Now let’s get to McCain.

    Would a conservative join with Russ Feingold to destroy the first amendment rights of US Citizens? This law puts the majority of political speech in the hands of the left leaning media.

    Would a conservative join with Ted Kennedy to push for Amnesty for 20 million scofflaws? (OK… But Reagan was wrong here too.)

    Would a conservative join with Joe Lieberman to push through a major tax increase based purely on the bogus notions of man made global warming?

    Here’s whata I learned this morning…..

    The National Rifle Association gives him a C. The National Gun owners association give him a 100 in 2006. BUT in 2003, 2004 and 2005 they give him a ZERO. Even though he is getting a lousy score from the nuts at the Brady Bunch, he is still no champion of the Second Amendment.

    He gets high scores from the folks who want to reduce and control taxes (BUT there’s that McCain – Lieberman thing again).

    He is against the Fair tax.

    On conservative issues I took the ten ratings from conservative think tanks and organizations and came up with an average of 60. To me, that is no passing grade.

    On controlling the enviro-whackos he again only gets a barely passing grade of 65. Then there’s that McCain-Lieberman thing again.

    On immigration he is a dismal failure. Not only is there McCain – Kennedy, but he gets high marks from the pro amnesty crown and only a 25% approval from English First. He is strongly opposed to English as the national language.

    On the argument over the right to life, he falls squarely on the side of the unborn. That is a position I can get behind. At least to the point of overturning Roe Vs Wade and putting the decision back on the states where it belongs.

    So…. Is that enough? I have not taken and regurgitated the words of the talk show hosts. As you have suggested, I have taken a few minutes to look things up for myself. I even used your suggested website.

    What have I learned? McCain is a big government liberal. Perhaps not as much as I thought a half hour ago, but a liberal none the less.

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