President’s Day.. Not just a day for discounts on a new car.

Happy President’s day to all of you. A day set aside to honor two of our greatest leaders … and get a good deal on a mattress.George Washington became the greatest General of his time because of a tenacity and willingness to see things through. He was also smart enough to know that two terms in service to the country is plenty enough. We should honor him for it… and because K-mart has Martha Stewart sheet sets on sale.

President Lincoln presided over this country during the darkest times in it’s history. He kept a nation together when it was being ripped apart. He had to make many difficult decisions and send thousands to their deaths to feed the tree of liberty. He also should be honored this day… and because the local Ford dealer is having a special.

So…. While you are off to look at that mattress, flat screen TV, or even a new car, take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday. Two great leaders who were instrumental in the founding and maintaining of this country.

NOW…. On a more cynical note:What we have today is a bankers holiday. Government buildings and agencies are closed (not a bad thing) BUT real working folks are at the job today.

Most of the millions of hard working men and women that make this country go are at work today. The government people are home which is a good thing because, in my opinion, they mostly make this country stop.

Congress is off for ten days so they can’t pass more legislation to complicate our lives. The bureaucrats are off today so they can’t bother us in our places of business. Schools are closed today so they will not be brainwashing our children convincing them that the government is god.

All in all… this makes it a pretty good day for average Americans.

Happy President’s Day

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  1. Hi Rick,

    While I generally agree with your opinions, as a member of your much maligned bureacrats I must take exception. As with most stereotypes the lazy government worker is as ofensive and hurtful as any insult or racial slur. It is the bureacrat who at least trys to make sure the water you drink, the air you breath and the food you eat is healthy. The bureacrat is the one who for little thanks (and in many cases little money) continues to do a job that most people depend on but would never want to do for a living.

    They are the ones who try and implement the capricious and somtime contraditary laws that the legislators YOU elected pass, but rarely fund. They are the ones that thru shear guts and determination step up to the plate day after day and year after year in an increasingly difficult envronment. If you try and do this, That group will sue your agency, If you don’t This group will sue your agency, and so it goes.

    The bureacrat is not the one that is making it harder, it is your legislators and a burgioning (sp?) population that keeps screaming about govenment getting in the way and then screams when they did not do enough!! Hogwash!!!

    I can speak for my little corner of the Peoples Republic of California when I can shake hands and thank a Game Warden for sticking with it and returning to work after being Shot Thru BOTH legs with an AK-47 during a pot eradication mission with local sherriff department. He laid on a remote mountainside with his chances slowly slipping away for over 2 hours while backup arrived and climed a 2000 foot hilside, doing bounding overwatch and checking for boobytraps, with full gear and body armor. After literally running a 7 mile brush covered trail they were able only provide a loose security perimiter on the area so the helo could get a paramedic and a Stokes down to him. Beside this warden were two medal of valor award winners one who laid next to him in direct line of fire dressing his wounds and keeping him going, the other who when the time came, stood up with a machette and cut an LZ for the paramedic and the stokes to land, once again in direct view of the bunker the drug dealers had constructed.

    These men and women do their job not for the money, but because the job needs DOING. They are paid less than HALF of what a California Highway Patrolman is paid, in the same state, and trained to a higher standard. Why? So they can be called lazy and shifless?

    I am sure you were intending to adress the more washingtonian versions of the dreaded bureacrat, but your broad brush that you paint with hits eveyone from these fine individual to the janitor who cleans the floors and the toilets in our public buildings.

    I am sure that the county worker you love to talk about who provides you with all the great customer service would appreciate your sentiment about her, because remember she is a bureacrat just like Condi, and Dick.

    Your post master, and your postal carrier, as agents of the government you so readly want to defame as horrible and inefficent, do you include them in your list of bureacrats that you so casually malign?

    Rick you and I go back a long ways, to a time we both served our country in the struggle against it’s enemies, we had great times together and became what I would consider good friends. That is why I feel I have to write this. We fought for all Americans. Not just the ones we like, not just the ones we chose to hang out with, but all of em. From the pimply faced kid at the drive thru to the 87 year old veteran at the old folks home.

    Your signature says in effect that you moved to South Dakota because you could. Well even in the well run miriacle of democracy that is the SD state government, you have a whole Passel of bureacrats. You might remember them as your neighbors. Hard working salt of the earth people, who do the job to make your state great. Why South Dakota? BECAUSE OF THEM…. not instead of them.

    Perhaps this comment will make you think, perhaps it won’t, but speaking for the millions of people who serve this country, be it on the city, county, state or federal levels, I think it is safe to say they would suggest you can kiss our butt.

    I would love to continue on this electronic soap box, but I am sorry I have to go to work. Last State holiday I worked right thru it, working with our K-9 academy to help bring our first group of handlers to the agency. Nope I was not sitting on my lazy butt bitching about how poorly I am paid, or why was I working on a STATE HOLIDAY, because the job needed doing I was out DOING MY JOB.

    Sincerely yours,

    Your friend Matt
    Happy and Dedicated bureacrat with the
    California Department of Fish and Game

  2. Oh and on the fact that you CAN register your vehicle for only six months in your state, or that you paid only $15 for a building permit with no worries of inspection at the end……

    Thank a bureacrat in South Dakota, who decided it was better to serve the people instead of feather thier own nest with extra paperwork or fees, onerous laws or restrictions. People who Serve the Great State of South Dakota from the snow plow driver to the engineer who decides how best to sling gravel on your roads deserve your thanks, not your scorn.

    Rick, I love ya like a Brother, but even brothers fight, and this one pissed me off more than I would like to state in public. Hope you got a good deal on those sheets Martha was selling.

  3. I want to take a moment to PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to this who work hard and are dedicated employees of the people of the United States. Matthew correctly pointed out to me that not all people fall into the basket I tried to put them in with the above post. As Matthew pointed out, I did use too wide a brush when I simply used the word bureaucrats. Certainly there are many people who do their job with care and dedication. To those hard working folks, serving the public, I humbly seek your forgiveness. To Matt, I will send you a private note expressing my penitence.

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