Liberty and the Nanny State

I pose to you the following question:

From the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed at night, can you think of anything you do that is not taxed, controlled or regulated by government.

Get you mind out of the gutter, there are more laws about sex on the books than most other things.  

The nearest I come is my artesian well.  The water is from 1800 feet down.  The last time that water saw the light of day was around the time my Lord was walking around the planet, so it is unregulated.  It was dug before any laws were in place concerning the digging of wells.  But… alas…. I pay taxes on the land where the well sits.

See what I mean?  No?

Did you know that laws and regulations concerning the production, transport and sale of cabbage is weighs out at over 8 pounds?

Still do not follow?  Here’s more clarification:

You raise your head from the pillow (Do not remove tag under penalty of the law).  Get out of bed (same tag), off the bathroom where the amount your toilet flushes has been decided by federal law.  In most places the water you use to flush is provided by some government agency.  Out to make the (import duty taxed and FDA regulated) coffee in your (sales taxed and CPSC approved) Mr. Coffee with the federally mandated one wide and one narrow tang on the plug.  Then you start your FDA approved breakfast. Using the taxed and regulated natural gas or taxed and regulated electricity.  While you are eating breakfast you turn on your taxed and regulated television to an FCC approved frequency (channel) to watch the news.  You see all the stories about how the government is protecting you today (or failing to).

After breakfast you head off to your shower where the shower head flow can not exceed 1.6 gallons per minute by federal law.  You set your water temperature by blending the (government provided) cold water with hot water from the water heater with the federally mandated safety valve, grab your FDA approved and taxed shampoo and …..

You get the picture.

Liberty is defined as “The Power to Choose“.  In many areas today we have lost our liberty to the Nanny State.  Looking at the near future I see little hope of improvement.

The Nanny State has moved in to stay, at first it is a kindly grandmother helping children to avoid harm by gently suggesting at first, then demanding helmets while on bicycles.  Later she becomes more intrusive, mandating the use of seatbelts while riding in a private vehicle (but not on HER vehicles).  The true nature of this overbearing controller comes to light when she tells you what to eat and not eat (trans fats).  When she tells us where to use a legal product (tobacco) and how much of another legal product we can consume (alcohol).  After all it’s for our own good.  In one state this grandmother wants to control our thermostats “for the good of all”.   All over the country in order to use a private company’s air transportation you must produce two pieces of government provided or approved paper identification (“Your Papers Please”).

 Now this friendly federal grandmother wants to manage our heath care.   Once she controls that she will certainly want to control the cost.  How?  To force us onto a diet and exercise program “for our own good”.  Don’t follow the rules?  No doctor visits.  Think it can’t happen?  Look at cigarette smokers in Great Britton.

Given time I think all the good intentions of the Nanny State will destroy what little “Liberty” we have left.

We still have the power to choose at the ballot box, choose wisely.  Choose to fire Grandma.

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  1. Why don’t you remove the tags? Once the item is in your possesion they are no longer required.

  2. The fact that the ARE required is my point.

  3. What you are saying is so very true. Just think if you get the government run health care you are out of luck for any quickly needed health care visits….Too many people are comming to America for their major health care because they do not have to wait any long time….

  4. Frankly, Howard, I am just not comfortable putting the US healthcare system the the hands of the folks who ran the Katrina rescue and aftermath.

  5. The government has the power to make or break commerce and economy. If you think about it, the US bureaucracy that requires all these tags and laws will make people elsewhere jealous that there are all these laws to protect the common people…

  6. Are you implying that the “common people” are too stupid to protect themselves? What makes the government more capable of choosing what is good for the “common people” than the people themselves?

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