Tax Day 2008

Once again it is time for the American public to prostrate themselves on the alter of the IRS.  Time to declare the 5th amendment regarding self incrimination null and void and put on paper, for those in power to see, all our financial records for 2007.

Some have great anguish and consternation as the day approaches, unsure (after loosing a house, a car and a livelihood) as to how their going to pay their “fair share”. And pay they will, at the point of a gun and threat of incarceration.

Corporations pay others tens of thousands of dollars to avoid paying hundreds of thousands.  The end resulting cost is added to the cost of doing business and passed to the consumer as part of the price of the product.  Some people keep all their assets in offshore accounts so that they can not be traced with the 4th amendment buster, the banks’ mandatory reporting system.

Still others, far more naive and foolish are delighted to get back some of the money they made and loaned (interest free) to the federal government over the last year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a “pay as you go” plan?  Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to pay some “expert” with a computer to figure out which part of the twenty pounds of regulations apply to you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we remembered April 15th as the day the Titanic sank?

Let’s get rid of this obtrusive and overbearing tax filing system.  A system even the IRS admits it does not understand.

Send a note to your Congressman and Senators on April 15th and tell them you want the Fair Tax.

Fair Tax?  Don’t know about it?

Look it up, you will be impressed

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  1. Pe,

    Have ya checked this site’s comments:

  2. Yes Bill,

    I have read the arguments against the Fair Tax. Some (albeit few) have merit.

    Perhaps you should look at the next book Boortz has out. It repudiates most of these arguments.

    Frankly, numbers can be crunched to put any argument in a favorable light.

    My bottom line? With the Fair Tax thee things occur:

    1. Every Person who buys a new product in the US will know how much the government is taking from them. Something Washington does NOT want us to know.

    2. Taxes will be simplified to the point that we will not be wasting billions and billions of dollars trying to figure out which part of the 20 pounds of tax laws apply to us.

    3. Business, not being clobbered with corporate income taxes (and reams of record keeping) will move their shops back to the US. Daimlar / Chrysler could become Chrysler / Daimler!

    Oh… By the way. I am not affiliated with Americans’ for Fair Taxation. I have never contributed to their cause.

    I’m just a guy who read a book and think the idea has merit.

    One simple question for you Bill….

    By arguing against the Fair Tax, does that mean you like the tax system we have now?


  3. Rick, Not arguing for or against actually. Just some thoughts, personally since retiring completely in Dec. of 2006, my tax rate isn’t bad. Also either way I’m better now with my present income, no major debts and living here is good(NM).

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