After careful consideration I realize that I am Pro Choice.


That’s right, I realize that I have been Pro Choice for a long time and did not know it.

How did I come to this realization?  It was an article I saw concerning the State of New Jersey telling the Atlantic City Casinos that they could no longer allow smoking in their buildings.  You see the owners of these private business now have NO CHOICE.  I think that is wrong.  I am PRO CHOICE on smoking on private property.  I think that business owners should decide what is right for themselves.

In Washington DC there is a law currently being challenged in the Supreme Court.  The city says that no handguns are allowed in the city.  Not even inside a private home. The residents have NO CHOICE.  I think this is a direct violation of the right verified by the second amendment.  I am PRO CHOICE on gun ownership.  I think it is up to the individual to decide how to best protect his life, family and property.

A new law has passed the US Congress and has been signed by the President that tells auto manufacturers that their fleet of cars must average 35 miles to the gallon by 2020.  That means that a new car buyer will have NO CHOICE as to how large a car or how large an engine he needs.  He will have to take what the government has forced on the manufacturers, who also have NO CHOICE but to comply and build to the new arbitrary standard.  I am PRO CHOICE when it comes to automobiles. I want to be able to choose a new vehicle that meets MY needs not the help good feelings of some tree hugger.  This is a self correcting problem, as the price of fuel rises people CHOOSE smaller more efficient cars when they can.

When I am driving in a car I CHOOSE to wear a seatbelt.  However, this is really no choice.  The state has decided I am not smart enough to make that choice for myself and have enacted a law making it mandatory at the point of a gun.  Therefor I have NO CHOICE when it comes to seatbelts.  Once again I am PRO CHOICE on this, if someone wants to be foolish and not wear a seatbelt it should be on him (or perhaps his windshield).  None the less the CHOICE should be his / hers.

We live with a government that tells us where our children will go to school and what they shall be taught.  We have very little input into our child’s education.  A court in California has recently ruled that parents have NO CHOICE when it comes to their child’s education, thus making home schooling illegal.  I am PRO CHOICE when it comes to education. I think parents should decide what is best for their children.  The public (spelled government) education system should be dismantled and thrown on the ash heap of bad ideas.  If the government feels that it MUST help with education, issue vouchers to the parents or guardians of school age children and leave the rest to them.  I am PRO CHOICE when it comes to education.

We have a government that mandates or regulates:

Our car’s safety features

Our shower heads

Our toilets

Our drugs (prescription)

Our food

Our housing

Our clothing



Private business

I could go on and on.  I could even mention the ban on trans fats in New York City but I think you get the point.

I believe in CHOICE. I believe there is too much regulation too much limiting of our choices.

I think the time is right for a PRO CHOICE movement in our great land.

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  1. I was going to leave a reply but I didn’t see a CHOICE presented to me (i.e. REQUIRED). 🙂

  2. amen brother …………..

  3. So are you PRO CHOICE on a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy? Or, would you rather have the government mandate NO CHOICE?

    love ya. 🙂

  4. Frankly I can argue both sides of this with conviction. I am very much on the side of the sanctity of life, yet I have seen what government can do when let run amuck. There are agencies that are in charge of taking care of children who have ripped from their parents. Through their negligence there are those who have let them die. These are unforgivable yet the abuse by government continues without any punishment for those responsible.

    I am absolutely against Partial birth abortion. I consider it murder. I am in favor of protecting a child as soon as that child is viable. Anything less is barbarism in my view.

    However…. I still believe that a person should be allowed to do what he or she wants with his own or her own body. As long as what they do does not interfere with the rights of another individual.

    I would say that abortion at least in the third trimester should not be a choice as is interferes with the right of another individual to live.

    That’s the best I can do.

  5. Susan, I have been walking this earth since the Rockies were considered “Those durn mole hills”…I will give you my very considered answer to your question and all the other questions that arise about abortion….Durn it, it is between the woman, maybe the man but on that I am not sure, and her Creator. Be it The Lord, Her God, the local Totem, the Great Turtle or whatever rock she prays to…Those of us that are not pregnant, or better yet, those of us that can never be pregnant do not belong in that discorse…1 woman, one dividing set of cells and 1 (fill in the blank)…But what do I know…Only been here since the sun only came up three days a week, on alternate Wednesdays….John

  6. Before this get to be a place where pro and anti abortion folks start bashing each other. I would like to stop it here.

    There are plenty of places for folks to opine either pro or con. Adding another one is not needed.

    I will not accept any further comments on the subject of abortion.

  7. Choice is the operative word, shipmate. I agree that governmental regulation is out of control. Is seems there are those who want LIBERTY for their views only. When that comes into play, “they” seem to want the government to step in and enact a law that forces everyone else to do their bidding. Such as free services at health care clinics, rebuild their homes after a natural disaster, 3rd or 4th generation welfare mothers. We have NO CHOICE when it comes to paying tax dollars to support their individual needs. I think that’s wrong. If I wanted to do that, I would ask for permission to claim one or two of them as a deduction.

  8. I am pro-choice on how legitimate businesses decide on how to market their products and services..
    And I am pro-choice on not having the govt protect me with their do not call lists.

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