Just another reason to love South Dakota

I love South Dakota.


Many reasons.  Here’s one:

My wife has been plagued for aboout two months with a chronic lower belly ache.  We have been to the doctor several times and, until recently, there was little success.  Finally they diagnosed a hard to kill infection.  Before the doctors had the result of the test that revealed the infection, they sought and got permission from our insurance carrier for a diagnostic ultrasound.  We have had had the “mother may I” letter for about three weeks.  When they diagnosed the infection in her belly the doctor decided it wasn‘t needed.

Well, the infection is over and my wife still has a belly ache.

Why do I love South Dakota?

My wife called the doctor’s office yesterday to tell them she still had pain and to see of she could do the scan anyway.  They were at lunch.  She asked them to call her back when they got in.

The did. (1) The nurse called my wife and asked what she could do for her.  She asked if she could get the ultrasound because her belly still hurt.  The nurse said she would look into it.  She did (2).  She called back in a few minutes (3) and said that the appointment was scheduled at the hospital for 9:15 tomorrow morning (4).  Also she has an appointment with the doctor the go over the results at 2:30 the same day (5).

What are the numbers?

Five things that would NEVER happen other than in “Flyover Country“.

1. The Nurse called back

2. The nurse followed through with the appointment

3. The nurse called back with the information

4. The test was scheduled to take place within 24 hours

5. The nurse scheduled an appointment (the same day) the see the doctor about the results from the test.

Just another reason to love South Dakota.  People honestly and truly care about others here.  People have a work ethic that is unmatched on either coast.  They do all they can rather than what they must.

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  1. so have they found out what the cause is ?????

  2. Yes, and all is well.

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