July 4th in Flyover Country – we still “get it”.

Out here in flyover country, every town, large or small, will have a Parade today.  Everyone will stop their daily activities for a little while to honor the flag and the country.  Even the tiny little town of Hitchcock, South Dakota with their population of 106 will have a parade tomorrow.  I will be there to salute the flag as it passes and to see the antique cars, trucks and tractors.  I’ll see what this year’s Boy Scout project will look like, I’ll watch the parade of horses as they prance by then the Future Farmers of America and the 4H club with their contributions.  The local American legion post will be in charge of parading the colors and providing the honor guard.  The Mayor will have out his Model T and another neighbor will bring out the 1928 Continental stretch limo.  I will wave as the parade finishes with the fire truck blaring it’s siren and bringing up the rear.

Where am I going with this?  People out here still hold Independence Day in high regard.  It is not a day to buy a mattress, a new couch or even a car.  It is a day to reflect on what we have and to celebrate our separation from British tyranny.  You see, these things are still taught out here.  Children are taught that this country was built on the concept that the people are the sovereign and government is the servant of the people.  That’s why when Iowa flooded you didn’t see people sitting around on rooftops waiting for the govnm’t to rescue them.  You didn’t see the mayor of Cedar Rapids standing on broken levy talking about how it was all George Bush’s fault.  You didn’t see the Governor of Iowa blaming the FEMA for not helping soon enough.  No, the people out here still realize that it is the people (neighbors and friends) that are the first responders to a catastrophe not the govnm’t.

Today I will go to the parade and when I do I’ll be watching small town America pass by.  As it passes I’ll smile and thank my God that I live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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  1. This is the best I have seen on Independence Day…. Thank You for your service

  2. We too had a parade, it closed down Fulton Ave, which by the way IS a pretty major thorofare. All that you described in the way of entries were there, as were I would guess about 10,000 or so folks.

    I am saying this not to say “ME TOO” or “we gotta bigger one”…. I am saying it to VALIDATE Ricks point. People are starting to remember what so easily is lost. Attendance is UP. Yea you can blame it on gas prices if you want, but with crime on the increase, and hundreds of wild fires out of control all around us, the bands at times litterally being drowned out by a steady parade of C-130, P-2V and P-3 Water tankers leaving and arriving at Mc Clellan Air Park, (formally AFB) we as not even a city but an unincorporated portion of the county, still took the time to plan, organize and put on an observance of our National Birth Day.

    We even got a mini Air Show when one of the OV-10 Broncos that CALFIRE uses as a spotter aircraft put one in the bag on takeoff and climbed out alot more slowly on a hot summer afternoon than he or his observer would no doubt felt comfortable with. I knew he had a problem cause his good engine was firewalled and it sounded different.

    That made me think that hey, it is not just about independence, it was about fighting for our livelihood and our very lives, something that was no doubt lost on some, but not all… I noticed a small kid, could not have been more than 8 or 9, and he was saluting every aircraft that flew overhead. At first I thought he thought it was part of the parade, but someone next to me said thru tear filled eyes, “he said, This parade should be about the airplanes too! They are making us safe just like Daddy”. You see, his daddy was flying in Iraq, making us safe just like the Air Guard and fire service crews were doing right here at home. I cried as I passed that message on to the people next to me, and it did not stop there, they passed it on down the line and pretty soon we had a small group who joined the little man, in saluting those who each day help protect our way of life as they too head to the front lines.

    Out of the mouths of babes….. They still get it too…..

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