Yes We Can!!!!

I just got an e-mail talking about all the plastic bags that are in our seas.  It shows photographs of  poor sea creatures with plastic bags stuck in various places.  It leads you to a web site where they have a bunch of heart rending stories about this environmental disaster.  Do I think there is a problem?  Sure.  Do I think it is nearly as bad as they say?  Maybe.  I have to consider their agenda.

Like most of these enviro Nazi groups, they are using sensationalism to try to curb or eliminate capitalism and the American culture.  Their answer is always do less or have less, smaller cars (people killers), 55 mile per hour national speed limits, lower thermostats and sweaters in the winter.  Now it’s carry cloth bags back and forth to the grocery store.  Once again making the American people suffer rather than finding a real solution.

Here’s one, there are others:


It is not the government banning things that provides answers to today’s problems.  It is good old Yankee ingenuity allowed to flourish in a free market.  It is the creativity of the free thinking entrepreneurs, unencumbered by overbearing government regulation and taxation that will provide answers on our energy and environment.

Get the government out of the way of the creativity of Yankee inventor and the American small businessman and the watch all our major problems disappear.

To quote a Presidential candidate who has the exact opposite mindset:

“Yes we can, Yes WE can, Yes WE CAN!!!!!”

It is the people in a free society that brings about prosperity and strength, not government.

We need LESS of only one thing today.  Government intervention, regulation and control.


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