The American Work Ethic Is Not Dead In Flyover Country

I had some excitement yesterday afternoon:

There was a crew across the road harvesting the wheat.  Well, yesterday afternoon two young (high school age) gentlemen drove up and said their combine was on fire.  They had tried to put it out with the water they had on hand but it was not enough.  Could they drive it over here and use the hose?  Hmmmmm….  Wanting to help but not wanting a blazing piece of multi ton equipment that is larger than a semi truck near my house, I told them to bring it up the south driveway half way (that would be about three hundred feet out) and I would meet them with the hose.  The shallow well is out that way and I have over 200 feet of hose hooked up to it.  So…..  I turned on the pump the the well and pulled the hose down the driveway.  They drove the thing in and proceeded to remove access panels and covers in order to get to the smoke.  Seems that something had overheated and had blistered the paint.  Some of the chaff from the wheat harvest was also smoldering.   No real “fire” as such, but a lot of smoke that had to be checked out.  They used a bunch of water to cool the area down, put the whole thing together, said thanks, drove back across the road and went back to work.

The OLDEST of the three of them was 18.  THAT is what I mean when I say the Midwest has not forgotten the basic work ethic.  These kids have been here (from a town 90 miles away) for the last several days, by themselves, and are doing a grown up’s job.  They have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment here which they are using and are bring in a harvest from 320 acres.  The wheat from that square half mile is worth right about $200,000.00.  All without an adult.

If you live on the East or Left coast, I’ll bet you can’t even get a high school kid in your neighborhood to properly mow and trim your lawn!!!

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  1. hell yeah brother! Midwest is the best!

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