To those who just don’t have time…..

I started this as part of a note to a young family man.  He has a wife and two beautiful small children.  He is a leader in his field and quite successful.  He mentioned to me in an e-mail that he is too busy working and providing for his family to get involved in politics.

I was going to simply pen (type) a quick answer but I got to thinking.  How many other bright young men and women are there who don’t realize the danger of doing nothing.  So, I decided to put my thoughts into this format and post it here.

To the person who has no time for his / her country.  Don’t be surprised when you loose it.

I truly believe that our country and the American culture is under attack.  Not only from the Radical Islamists in the Middle east who want our money so they can grow armies of terrorists and use them to kill us.  We are under attack from several directions. Many of these are home grown.

Our culture and our heritage is under attack from the far left in this country who want to turn us into Spain (or perhaps Soviet Russia).  From a bloated government bureaucracy that wants all the money and all the power to create a social fascist state that serves them.  To the anti God anti religion crowd who want us to forget that this nation was conceived and developed by God fearing, church going men.  Let’s not forget those with “alternate lifestyles” trying to rewrite the concept of marriage.  Or the folks who tell us it’s Ok to kill a baby half born.  How about those in the public education business (which is a generous mix of most of the above) who are making sure the American culture is never taught in any positive light.

I believe this battle needs to be fought and won each and every election.  I believe that if people don’t stand up for good honest folks who have chosen to run for public office, then they have no right to complain when the social fascist gets elected and start taking their money and freedoms.

If good people like you and me don’t do anything to fight back this left wing tide, the America I grew up in will no longer exist.  I think this could happen soon, within your children’s lifetime.  Your grandchildren could very well be born in a social fascist nanny state that makes Orwell’s 1984 look like a paradise.  With today’s technology, every decision can be closely scrutinized and children can me “molded” (pronounced brainwashed) into a good citizens of the state.  A Government that tells them where to go to school, what to study (it already does that now), what profession to take, where to live, what to eat, what social status they can have, how far they can travel, where and when (or even if) they can go on vacation.  They will have no choice as to whether to worship God because their god will be the state.  Their freedoms will be limited to that which the State grudgingly grants them.

But…. you go ahead… Continue to tell me you don’t have time….do your job and make money for your family.   Make plenty, because the government needs it to continue to brainwash the real America out of your children.

Don’t bother getting involved with a candidate that stands for the principles that you believe in.  Just make your money and pay your ever increasing taxes.  In a few years you can retire and sit back in wonder…. Wonder what happened to the country YOU grew up in.

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  1. Very well put. You spelled it out probably better than I would have and you hit the nail on the head.

    Far too many of our fellow citizens don’t bother being informed about the things that will have the MOST affect on their lives in the long run, and then they vote (if they vote) based on what they heard in some catchy 30 second soundbyte.
    I haven’t given up, but if the future of our countrys well being were a race horse I wouldn’t bet big money on it.

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