A “Dark Suit” exercize.

What is a “Dark Suit Exercise”?

When I was a young man I heard a joke about wetting you pants while wearing a dark suit….  “It gives you a warm feeling but nobody really notices.”

As we get to the end of this political season I know that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of new posts popping up daily concerning the election and the direction of this country.   I am adding just one more to the mix.  Will my opinion sway tens of thousands and have an effect on the outcome of elections?  No, I think not.  Will it provide understanding about the basic principles that were held dear by the founders of this great land?   No.  Do I have the skill on the keyboard of some of  the great wordsmiths of our time,  a skill that has changed opinion?  I think not.

I found this morning an audio clip of  Mr. Obama spelling out his Marxist agenda and it spurred this exercise.  Here is the link:


This is the reason I am posting my opinion today.  It is my personal “dark suit exercise”.  I will get a warm feeling as I write it and over the next day or so when I check to see how many others have read it as well.


So, now on to my post on the current election.  I am not going to regurgitate all the facts about the Reverend Wright, Bill Ayeres, Father Pleger, Tony Resko and others.  There are plenty of places on the web to find out about those names.  People who are more informed than me have opined at length about Mr. Obama’s choice of friends.

Here IS what I am going to say.  When I first started watching Mr. Obama I though he was simply an “empty suit’ that had a good verbal delivery.  Now I wish it were so.  I didn’t think he was his own man.  I thought he was simply a machine political flunky who was being pushed on the public.

Now, I don’t think so.  I think Barak —–(shhhhhh – can’t say that middle name) Obama is a very intelligent man.  A man with a goal in mind and a plan to get there.  A man with a strong will able to manipulate a strong arm when someone tries to slow his efforts.

He (and his co-conspirators) will use what every tactic necessary to achieve his (Marxist) goals.  Just challenging his Marxist stand got a Florida TV station banned from the campaign.  The only power he has today is access for the media.  He is wielding that like an axe.  What will he do with the power of the presidency?

This man is a Social Fascist of the worst order.  He has a plan for America.  A plan to steal (at the point of a gun) hard earned dollars from the producers in this country and give it away to the consumers who have not earned it.  He calls it “Spreading the wealth around.”  I call it what it is,  Marxism.

Here is what I see in the new “Changed” Obama-Nation.

The “Fairness Doctrine” will be reinstated.  Thus shutting down any voice of descent from radio and television.  No station will carry any dissenting (conservative) view because of the requirement to allow “equal time”.  You may call this “fairness’, I call it censorship.  Over time this “fairness” will be expanded to include the internet.  Now we have China or Cuba.

With no one to tell you the news other than those who are fellow travelers in this Marxist juggernaut, the congress will then be free to pass massive “changes”.  Changes that will turn this country into a totalitarian police state. Changes that will “nationalize” (spelled take over) all of our major industries.  Health Care first, then energy, then banking.  Eventually leaving us with a mirror image of Soviet Russia. Where all the vital interests of our country are being handled with the same efficiency as was Katrina relief.

What about the Constitution?  What Constitution?  The left thinks of it as a “Living Document” and as such subject to “change” at the whim of those in power.  With the appointment of socialist judges willing to legislate from the bench, the Constitution is all but eliminated.

The “Fairness Doctrine” will have eliminated the first amendment.  It will be easier to eliminate the Second.  Once that is gone, the rest fall for lack of foundation.

What do I see at the end of four years of Barak (shhhhhh) Obama?  I see a nation with 15% to 20% unemployment, runaway inflation, children in school turning in their parents as “dissenters”.  I see a land where all hand guns and most rifles have been confiscated, millions out of work, inflation ruining any savings of the thrifty and taxes destroying any viable business.   I see soup lines and Gestapo like storm troopers enforcing the government agenda of “Change We Need”.

Too much?  Too strong?  Too radical?   I don’t think so.

I have to simply go back to the Revrend Wright, Bill Ayres, Father Phleger and Barak’s other friends to know the man and what he believes.

All the things above CAN happen if this country decides to elect a Marxist for president and give him the power of a liberal Congress to back him up.

If you want an America that looks more like Soviet Russia and less like what our parents left us, vote for the Obama-nation next week.

If you want a chance to save this land and return it the greatness that our parents handed to us, avoid these people like the plague they are.

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  1. Well said, Rick.

    Tis the season to witness mass stupidity and greed on a level never before seen in the USA. The Democratic bribery machine is hard at work filling in the gaps manufactured by Bill Ayers and company. So much for Higher Education. The destruction of capitalism is at hand unless sensible people cast their vote for McCain. No other candidate can win, so a vote for any other party is a vote for Obama and the incremental destuction of the USA.


    God Bless,

  2. Yes, I think what you speak is the truth. I’ll have to agree on this one.

  3. I’m giggling because WordPress served up “Obama is a Muslim and Other Falsehoods” with its auto-generated possibly related post… Even the internets are conspiring against you! 🙂

  4. Obama may not profess to be a Muslim today. BUT we know as fact he was taught AS a Muslim during his formative years. The things you learn in your first five to ten years of life establish much of your core beliefs. This too makes me uncomfortable.

  5. I shudder at the thought of all this coming true.
    I can only hope and pray that the sane folks outnumber the insane ones on election day.
    I was 6 years old when WW2 ended. I lived thru the “Cold War” as a USNavy Sailor. I also read history and your “dark suit exercise” seems so much like Hitler’s rise to power.

  6. I for one wish that Pig Pen was running for PREZ. His cadillac was vintage. His Flight bag was a shambles but he had everyhting in it that the Nation requires – from headset to mic (talk.listen) .

    SUBJ: Insanity

    ZBZ 5 by 5

  7. I have been trying to find him for years. He was a good friend that got away.

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