A simple test

At the end of this post I am going to ask a simple question……   It will have an easy answer, but it will take a few years to determine what it will be.


Ok, so the people have spoken and we will have a new voice in the White House this next year.

Many have said “Give the new guy a chance.”  Others have told us to hold our line and give no quarter.

As most of you know, I am truly an American Conservative who loves this country for what it was (not for what it has become).

OK….  So I’ll give the new guy a chance, but, that does not mean to me to give up on my principals or core values.  It just means I will face a new day on January 20th with an open mind.

To set that day in it’s proper perspective I want to make a few observations.

Today is November 7th 2008.

My electricity costs me $8.50 per kilowatt hour.  This is about $100 a month in winter.  More in summer with the air conditioner running.  But I’ll use the winter number.

A loaf of bread is about a dollar and a quarter today and a gallon of milk is about $3.50.  Butter is $2.28 lb. Eggs are about $1.20 a dozen.

Gasoline in town yesterday was $2.10 gal.

Oil is running at $61.00 a barrel on the market this morning.

Now, on to other things…..

My local stores are well stocked.

I can get a doctor’s appointment on the day I call in.

I have a high quality (in patient) medical facility only a few miles away

The national unemployment rate is around 6%.

Inflation is being reported at about 5%.

Remember the Misery Index?  That is the unemployment rate plus the inflation rate.  Today the Misery Index is at 11%.

The current President has an approval rating under 30% and the current congress is at about 10%.

Now….  How about you?

What is your energy costing you today?

What is your medical care costing you today?  AND…  How good is it?

Do you think you are better off than your parents?

Do you think your children will be better off then you?

How do you see the future?  Bright or bleak?

I ask these questions not for exercise but for purpose.  Take some notes this month.  Look at the world around you.  Take a hard look at your life and livelihood.

Write down your answers and put them away in your sock drawer.


Because in about three years and about 11 months I am going to ask you to take out that piece of paper and ask yourself one simple question…..

Am I better off now than I was 4 years ago?

To answer this you have to look at not just yourself, but the environment we live in.  Is the world a better place?  Are we safer?  Have we been attacked?  Is my personal financial status better?  Were the things I was promised delivered?  Did they work?

Am I truly better off than I was 4 years ago?

f the answer is yes, then I have been found to be a fool and will graciously say so.

However, if the answer is no, then I expect those who voted for soon to be President Obama to do the same and reject this new “change” to socialism and elect someone who will reinstitute the things that made this the greatest country in the world.

Things like individual freedom and liberty, small government, minimal taxation,  regulation and government intrusion into our lives.  Mostly an education system that actually teaches kids how to think.  Not tells them what to think.

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  1. Well, folks on the other side of the atlantic ocean.
    I have free medical treatment, I pay 1½$ to 1 liter gasoline. my electricity cost me 4.000 $ a year, 1 liter milk 1½ $, 1 egg 0.40 $, I pay 35% of all my salery in tax, means if I have 100.000 i´ll pay $ 34.000 in tax. Every time I buy anything, 25% of the price is added tax (V.A.T.) so please do´nt complain about prices. Thank you.

  2. Well stated. I will do this too. Thanks.

  3. Mike,

    It is what you have that I think our new President Elect will try to achieve.

    I am fairly sure that in four years, the prices here will look more like yours there.

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