Sick buildings and how we must do something.

As everybody knows, carpets are the cause of many respiratory problems in America today and as such I am proposing a bill to remove all carpets from public buildings.

This is for your own good.  Carpets are never safe.  Carpets are made mostly from synthetic material that release toxic gasses when they are new.  Put those gasses in a confined space (like a building) and people can get sick.  Many studies have shown that the fumes from these materials are harmful and even deadly in large concentrations. 

As they age, carpets trap dust, dirt, mold and harmful debris making even the act of walking on them dangerous. 

Thousands of families with asthmatic children have had to remove these filthy germ collectors and change their entire lifestyles.  All because of a greedy carpet industry. 

In a fire these deadly floor covering will outgas deadly toxins like cyanide into the air.  California used cyanide in their gas chambers, so did the Nazi’s in WWII. 

Gasses from burning carpets can kill your pets and small children.  They should never be allowed to be used around them.

Therefore I am proposing a tax on the sale of all carpets of $10.00 per square foot to discourage the use of carpeting.   I want to use the tax code to influence the behavior of the citizens.

I am also going to introduce a bill to ban the use of carpets in all buildings accessible by the public, and another banning the use of carpets in automobiles. 

Think this is silly?  Too much Nanny State?  Too much government control?

Take the above and instead of thinking carpet, think cigarettes and you will see it is already happening. 

Yesterday the anti tobacco warriors lost a battle in the South Dakota State Senate.  A bill to ban the use of tobacco in public places was defeated.

My thanks to those Senators who voted to protect my liberty (my right to choose) and my disdain to those who thought they knew, better than me, what was good for me.

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  1. Good blog.

  2. Nice story Rick! I gave a talk about what happens when carpet, clothing, plastics and other petroleum based materials burn when I was training to be a volunteer fireman. Hydrogen cyanide is very dangerous to the health of many victims even more dangerous than carbone monoxide. I tend to agree with you except that it would be wise for us to stop using so many toxic materials in our building construction and go natural.

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