I believe in the Republican Party NOT Democrat light.

I am writing this post this morning mostly for the Republicans who live in South Dakota.  This does apply in some other states but my residence is hear, my heart is here, so my message is to those living, working and voting here.



This morning I saw an article on how the Iowa Supreme Court has legislated from the bench and allowed same sex marriage starting April 24th .


Iowa????  Iowa!!??  The Corn Belt?  The Bible Belt?  How in a sane world can this happen???? 

Don’t blame the Democrats.  That would be like blaming the lion for eating the lamb or blaming the bee for the sting.  Its what they do. 

Blame the Iowa Republican Party.  Here’s what happened.  Once upon a time there was a conservative Republican majority in the Iowa Legislature.  The state was prosperous and comfortable.  The left had little influence on the day to day operation of government so Iowa had a budget surplus.  

Over time the moderate Republicans (spelled RINO’S) got control of the Iowa Republican party and, through their liberal light agenda, lost public support took itself right out of power.  The RINO’s (Republican in name only) started looking at the ideas that the liberals had and thought, “If we could pass something like that only lighter, we would get more votes.”

The true Iowan majority, right of center, lost interest in their “Republican” party and stayed home election day after election day.  They stopped working for candidates and Get Out The Vote efforts. 

That allowed the extreme left in the Democrat party to take control.  The Democrats brought in with them their left wing agenda, appointed their left wing judges and gave big government to the little state of Iowa.

We can NOT let this happen here. We MUST, as conservatives, take control of the South Dakota Republican party NOW so we do not loose what little majority we have left.  We have to stand up for the principles of less government and more individual responsibility.

Here’s the rub… If we try that today the opposition can poke us in the eye with what we did in the statehouse this last session.  They could call us hypocrites and rightly so.

To save our state, we need Republican leadership in South Dakota, not Democrat light.  Let’s start looking now for true Republican candidates to run in 2010.  Let’s drive out the RINO’s.  It is the only way to keep our state government under the control of WE THE PEOPLE. 



I BELIEVE the strength of nation lies with the individual.

I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility.

I BELIEVE in free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative.

If you believe as I do. South Dakota needs your help.


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  1. I certainly agree with you. The “moderate” Republicans we have in Pierre now are dragging the party down a bumpy, dead end road. If we keep electing the likes of Rounds, Adelstein, Knudson and Dempster we might as well turn South Dakota over to the Democrats.

    The deficit this year would have been the perfect time to get back to smaller government, lower taxes, and more personal responsibility but what did the legislature do? Obama sent South Dakota the stimulus money, courtesy of your grandchildren and mine, and some of the liberal Republican legislators couldn’t wait to put Rounds’ pet programs back into the budget! And then they voted to raise taxes and fees to fund more government. Disgusting, isn’t it?

  2. I totally agree, but please change your headline to “Democrat LITE.” It’s more effective and there’s no confusion about what you mean.

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