This time the Judge got it right.


Judge Upholds South Dakota’s School Funding System
A circuit judge has upheld the constitutionality of South Dakota’s school funding system.
Circuit Judge Lori Wilbur of Pierre filed her decision Wednesday morning on a lawsuit that accused the state of violating a constitutional provision by failing to adequately fund school districts.

Here’s where I got the above:,83020

For those of you who do not live in South Dakota, let me tell you what has been going on.  The folks in the public education lobby decided that the state Legislature was not increasing their budget fast enough, so they sued the state for more money.  That’s right they filed a lawsuit saying the state was required by it’s Constitution to provide a “quality” education.  If they won then they, of course, would get to decide what “quality” was and how much it would cost.

As you can see from the opening paragraph…. They lost. 

In my opinion this has simply been a case of a bureaucracy attempting to feed it’s own belly and I am glad that it is over (at least for now).

I am not so cynical to think that ALL persons involved in the education lobby are out purely for the good of that lobby.  I know that there are some great teachers, coaches and administrators in the South Dakota government school system.  If we did not have them, we would not rank as high on the education ladder as we do.  I thank them for their individual efforts and dedication.

I agree it is in the best interests of a society to educate the younger members, I do not believe it should be a function of government.  I am convinced that government mandated, government regulated and government controlled education is the worst possible method of educating our youth.  It runs into the tens of billions of dollars annually and brings us results on a level with Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Just as a for instance, Washington DC has the highest per student cost in the nation and the lowest graduation rate.  Not to mention the fact that a significant percentage of those graduates can’t read or make change.

We in South Dakota have one of the best (if you can use that word in this context) public education programs in the country.  We currently rank #2  with only Iowa as first.  This is at a fraction of the cost of other bigger states like California and New York.

In a nutshell….. I Ain’t The Money!

I think the best thing to do would for the state to go 100% vouchers and get out of the education business altogether.  That’s right, take the total cost of K – 12 education in the South Dakota budget and divide it by the number of school age children.  Take that amount and send a voucher to each parent or guardian and be done with it.  We would get a far better product with some competition in education.



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