Republicans need to elect Republicans.


This is political commentary.  Those on the left should stop reading now.

Republicans need to elect Republicans

Now I know the title sounds obvious but (as politics usually goes) this is not the case in Presidential elections.

This particular piece started out as a note to one of my representatives to the Republican National Committee.  It concerns me that if we do nothing, we will repeat what happened in the 2008 Presidential election.

Here’s what I mean.  There are states in the primary process that allow people other than Republicans to select the Republican candidate.  New Hampshire is one and so are South Carolina and Michigan.  These states are near the beginning of the Primary season and have a serious impact on the rest of the process.

Here’s what I see happened in 2008.  The Democrats fielded a rank of extreme left wing candidates (Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Kucinich, Biden etc.).  These folks were so far a field that it left the moderate or “blue dog” Democrats nowhere to go.  In the open Primary states they switched out and voted for the most liberal candidate on the Republican side – John McCain.

This skewed the Republican nomination process got us stuck with a weak and (I’ll say it) liberal candidate.  The Democrats and Independents chose our Republican candidate in the primary then the Democrats voted with their party in the general election.  The independents split.  The conservatives had no candidate to support so they stayed home.  Not necessarily election day.  But prior to that.  There was no fire in the Republican party.  No excitement about our nominee.  No great rush to volunteer.  That is until Sarah..  But that’s a story for another day.

I heard Michael Steele on Sean Hannity yesterday afternoon.  Sean brought up the open primaries and how we keep getting liberals as our presidential candidates.

He said they were “looking into it”.  He mentioned that many of these states have to make the change in their respective Legislatures.

Now, there was a time when both parties (Republican and Democrat) were working on a plan to fix the primary disaster.

There was a plan in the works to have four blocks of states.  Each block will take turns voting in the primary first. The argument is weather Iowa and New Hampshire will be part of the blocks or hold their places as the kick off states.  I think the process stalled at that point because I have not heard anything about it in two years.

So where do we go from here?  Are we stuck with the current system that keeps true Republicans from gaining any ground?  Do more and more states keep moving their primary election dates forward to have an impact on the nomination process?  Where do we stop?  One year early? Two?

How about this… Let the states have their open primary but only count the Republican voters.  Use the percentage of registered Republicans voting to determine the number of delegates seated at the convention.  In other words, if the 70% of the people who voted in the Republican party primary were, in fact, Republicans… than 70% of the assigned delegates for that state would be seated (and allowed to vote) at the convention.  Perhaps a change in the bylaws like that would get the state Legislatures and the state parties to rethink this open primary foolishness.

Republicans need to nominate Republicans.  Not moderate Democrats with no real choice in their own party.

Democrats…. Fix your own party and stop screwing with mine.

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  1. But the number of registered Republicans is getting smaller and smaller and what’s left is the most conservative Republicans. An open primary would be better for the party because then the moderates that have become independents can have a say. If we keep it to just the conservative minority, then Republicans will continue to be on the losing side of national elections.

    • The majority of the people in this country are right of center and the number is increasing. The Republican party has had a hard time branding itself as the party of the people (even though it is).

      The vast majority of folks want a closed and controlled border, want a moment of silence in school for children to use as they see fit, want the national language to be English, want a responsible and limited government answerable to the electorate, want to be secure in their property and their homes. They don’t want a runaway government spending their grandchildren’s money.

      All this things are Republican principles and are under attack by the left currently in power.

      This is a branding problem. Not a people problem.

  2. You’ve just made another argument for abolishing the antiquated “party” system. Americans need to be able to vote for who THEY want in office, not who a few suits in party “leadership” manipulate into the forefront.

    • There is nothing in the Constitution about a two party system. In fact there is no mention of political parties at all. Frankly I would prefer a “No Party” system. I think, however, human nature is against me. Birds of a feather and the like. Perhaps a 5 or even a 7 party system would be better. A system where no party can singly hold a majority. We could have the Greenies, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Constitution Party and the Libertarians.

      No action could be taken without some kind of coalition. Now…. That might be fun.

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