Caption contest

My wife drew this great cartoon.  I have been looking at it for a few days trying to come up with the best caption.

Just by itself it is funny. 

I think the right caption would make everyone laugh. 

We could use a good laugh right now so please get those creative juices flowing and join in the fun. 

I thought of three and will add them as replies.

Here’s the cartoon:



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  1. I know you bought the car from your boss, but can’t we just scrape them off?

  2. Look… you’re the one who voted for him.

  3. This is the LAST TIME we are borrowing your sister’s car!

  4. Even though we have to protect our identity around this red-neck, ignorant, republican town, I’m still glad we voted for Obama.

    • Ben, I allowed your hateful comment only to show that WE are the good guys. I’m sure it the situation were reversed and I said something about flaky, dim whittled and emotion driven democrats you would have rejected the post.

  5. I forget, why are we wearing these bags over our heads?

  6. You know, honey, you can get a bottle of Goo Gone for $3.99 at the hardware store!

  7. When are Republicans going to start making “Don’t blame me” stickers that we can put over those?

  8. YES WE CAN… around here with bags over our heads.

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