On this Memorial Day

This is the day we have set aside to honor those who fell in battle.

Throughout our short history there has never been a generation without conflict.  There has never been a time in this country where there is not someone who could be called a war veteran.  There has never been a time when there was not a mother, father, wife, daughter or son who has not lost a loved one in armed conflict.

From the “shot heard round the world” in Concord Massachusetts to the most recent exploding IED in Iraq, we have had to continually defend our way of life.  The price of that defense is measured in lives, more than a million of lives over the years.

Many have served our country in a number of different ways and there are times for to pay our due respect to them.  Today is not that day, today is different, today we remember those who paid all.  I honor those men and women who have given all they had for their Nation’s survival.  I consider the ground where they are interred, as Mr. Lincoln said, “hallowed”.

We have an obligation today to remember those who fought and died in all our wars, From Bunker Hill to Bagdad.  For their sakes we, the living, must remember them and do our best to preserve what they fought and died for.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for all those who are suffering from the pain that comes from losing a loved one in war.  Then take another to pray for the country they fought to protect.

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  1. Well said, Rick, Bless you and may He keep our commrades safe. Jim

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us Rick!

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