A conversation with a liberal

A conversation with a liberal.

I am in the middle of a conversation on Facebook with a good friend over my concerns with the Obama-nation when his wife (a true liberal and [and in spite that] also a friend) added her opinion.  The reply below was too good to waste so I thought I would rework it and repost it here.  By the way, the name has been changed to protect the liberal.


Good morning Joan, thanks for jumping in.  You are, in my opinion a ‘true believer” in the socialist state and as such we can simply disagree on what is best for this nation.

I prefer the nation before Woodrow Wilson and his “progressives”.   That was a time when there was minimal government intrusion into the lives of the citizenry.  A time that our nation grew from 13 piss pot third world governments to one of the three great super powers.  From the eastern seaboard and about 100 miles inland to sea to shining sea.  There was no government health care and the family doctor would make house calls.  The cost of medical care was far more realistic and medical insurance for routine procedures was not needed.

 If a dog is severely injured and has to have surgery to reset a fractured leg, the bill may come in at several hundreds of dollars.  If a person is severely injured and requires surgery to reset a fractured leg the bill will be in the tens of thousands.  The same skills, education and equipment are needed in both cases.  In the case of the dog there is little government intervention while in the case of the human there is tremendous government intrusion.  That plus the expense of frivolous litigation are the main two differences in the mechanics of each case.

Here she challenges me on my Navy pension check (a common ploy for liberals). She asks me if I think the government spends too much, why am I taking a retirement check?

Yes, I believe the government spends too much and on the wrong things. I do keep the check I receive.  I keep it because I earned it by contract over 21½ years.  I could have worked for another organization during those years and made a great deal more money.  The airlines, for instance,  were paying four times the money I made in the Navy for the same work.  I chose to enter a contractual relationship with the Navy for my services.  Part of that contract was that I made less money now for a better retirement payment later. 

The United States Constitution establishes the existence of the United States Navy.  I have yet to see where it has established United States Health Insurance (or many other things for that matter).  That being said, I would seriously consider giving up that check if I could pay the taxes my grandfather did.  Frankly, I think I would come out ahead.

Then on to National Health care which was where she took the conversation next…..

I truly believe that national (single payer) health care system will be a disaster.  I look at Great Briton and Canada and their systems and see failure.  Just to look at one thing, the mortality rate in the United Kingdom for breast cancer is twice that of the US.  Canada’s death rate from breast cancer is also twice as high.  Yet these two countries are the models the current administration is using to remake our health care system.  Bottom line…. I don’t want our nation’s health care system turned over the same bureaucrats that gave us Katrina relief. 

Again, if I could have my grandfather’s medical care system, I would seriously consider giving up the medical benefits I get as a military retiree, and again… I think I would come out ahead.


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