Two letters

I wrote two letters this morning to the staff of Congresswoman Herseth – Sandlin.  I wanted to express my concern with two issues that are causing me to loose sleep.

The first is Cap and Trade (better known as a $600,000,000,000 Cap & Tax bill).

Now… I did not bother to tell her that the whole global warming thing is a fraud and a scam based on junk science, she already knows that and doesn’t care.

I didn’t tell her that carbon dioxide levels rise AFTER the planet warms and is cooling back down, she knows that too.

I did not get into a discussion about water vapor being the greatest greenhouse gas and that Carbon Dioxide is only one percent of the total.

Nor did I mention that less than one percent of Carbon Dioxide is generated by man (meaning if we stop EVERYTHING we can only effect .01 PERCENT of the greenhouse gasses) – she knows that as well and still doesn’t care.

What I told her about is something she does care about.  Her job.

I pointed out to her was that the penalty of any cap and trade bill is the price of energy.  Energy we, in South Dakota, use to grow food.  I reminded her that she represents South Dakota and not San Francisco.  I suggested she support the people who put her there or they might not support her reemployment in 2010.

Since I was on a roll, I then typed another note about another of my concerns – national healthcare.

Here is part of that note:

There was a song produced in the seventies by the Cowsills called “Feelin’ Groovy“.  The opening line was “Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast…”

That’s the way I feel about the health care issue.  Congress is moving at a break neck pace to pass some kind of health care reform.  Our President wants a bill to sign in just a few weeks.

This is all moving too fast.  When we rush we make mistakes, mistakes that will be hard to fix in the future.  Look at what happened with the ill fated stimulus bill.

Let’s take a step back and do some homework before passing laws that effect more than 15% of this nation’s overall economy.


Here’s the deal…. If you want a nation that is better for your children than it is for you, get on the computer and write your congressional repetitives.  Express your concern with doing so much so fast.


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  1. You’re right that she is supposed to represent South Dakota instead of San Francisco. However, she needs donations from the far left (ie: the San Fran type crowd) for future campaigns so she can run TV ads to fool the people she is supposed to represent.

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