Once upon a time in America


There was a time in this land when it was controlled by an oppressive government.  A government that had layers upon layers of bureaucrats, regulations and confiscatory taxes.  Rules and regulations were sent down from on high telling the masses what they could and could not do.  The government controlled the money through a central banking system.  They used that system to control industry.  They burdened business, large and small, with excessive taxes, regulations and fines.  Thus forcing them to comply with the state or go under.  Most of those in power were appointed and untouchable under the law.  The king sat in his palace and passed out edict after edict……..

Oh you thought I was talking about today?

No, I was referring to a time 233 years ago when the people overthrew an oppressive government and put in it’s place one with few taxes and even fewer regulations.  A government based on individual rights and freedom.  A government with free enterprise at it’s core that grew from thirteen little “third world” colonies to the strongest, richest and most successful nation in the history of the world.  This new nation “Conceived in Liberty” went from little more than thirteen fiefdoms to “Sea to Shining Sea” in under one hundred years.

I am truly thankful that I was born in the United States of America.  I am thankful that I remember the end of that era. The end of a time when individual freedoms were more important then the state.  A time when freedom and liberty were taught in school as good things and Socialism and Stateism were an enmity of that freedom. (Yes, I spelled it right… look it up)

Today we find our nation in a great cultural conflict.  There are those, like me, who think the framers of our nation got it right.  Then there are those on the extreme left, and currently in power, who feel that our Constitution was unfair and must be abolished.

For twenty one years of my life I worked in service to my country.  Many times I was asked to reaffirm my willingness to support and defend The Constitution of the United States.  Though I am no longer active duty Navy, I still hold that commitment in my heart.  I will work, within the law, to help educate and enlighten those who have never been taught “The Blessings of Liberty”.  I will do what I can to gain and hold a conservative majority in my Statehouse and the Federal Congress.  I am again this day proclaiming ‘My life, my fortune and my Sacred Honor’ in the course of restoring freedom to this great land.


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