Let’s have a new standard “Beyond ANY Doubt”

I would like to talk about the murder of Coach Ed Thomas.  Here was an Iowa high school coach who was working with 20 or so students in a weight room when a person came in and shot him dead.  

This story has been all over the wires and both news and sports pages, I won’t link to it here.  If you haven’t read about it, look it up. There have been stories about the coach, the shooter, the students, the town.  Countless words written yet the newsies never ask these questions, “I thought it was illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Iowa? How could this happen?”

To the gun control nuts here’s a newsflash – People who are bent on first degree murder don’t care if carrying a gun is against the law.  I know this is a shocking position to take but it seems to be true. 

On to my second point.  I truly believe in cases such as this there should be a speedy trial and execution of sentence (AND I do mean execution).

When a jury can find a criminal guilty by the higher standard “beyond any doubt” the rules should change.  If a prosecutor proves, and the jury agrees, that the man is guilty “beyond any doubt” then there should be one appellate review and the sentence should be carried out.  All with 90 days.

It is unfortunate that Iowa has foolishly chosen to eliminate the death penalty.  Iowans will have to pony up $50,000 each year to house, feed and keep healthy this disgusting piece of human excrement.

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