And now… Heeeerrrssss Davy!!!!!

This particular post is local to South Dakota.  We have a governor’s race heating up in the state and the positions of all the candidates should be known.  However, certain positions of one of the candidates seem to be hidden from view.

The Legislative Transportation Committee wants to raise our gas taxes by a dime, double our registration fees and then add an extra penny to the road use (sales) tax on all vehicle purchases.  All in all over 100,000,000 dollars (that comes out to about $150.00 each for every Man, Woman and Child in South Dakota). In the typical family of four that means $600 in extra taxes each year!!!!  For those of you who graduated from a government school, that’s 50 dollars a month!!!

They want this money to pay for road repair.  I want to know what happened to the gazillions we got from the porkulas bill for those same repairs?

Dave Knudson is on this committee.

I didn’t see a press release from our esteemed Gubernatorial candidate condemning these recommendations.  Did you?????

According to Blog protocol and giving credit where credit is due, here’s where I first got wind of this committee’s activities.

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