Another example of unbiased reporting.


From the Los Angeles Times:  Social Security checks may shrink in 2010,0,3067702.story?track=rss

If this were a Republican Administration, the left wing (spelled main stream) media would be using this as the lead on EVERY news story.  They would run it to death.
Katie Couric would start her nightly broadcast from the front to the Social Security Administration building.

Sixty Minutes would be interviewing nursing homes that are going to close because the patrons will have less money to fork over. 
Dateline would have a parade of seniors who will loose their homes because of the “cuts”.
The newsies would be out on the streets looking for poor starving old folks choosing between rent and food. 
The New York Times would be running stories about how much the head of the SSA gets paid. 
The Sunday talk shows would have a parade of liberal democrats talking about how these “cuts” will devastate seniors.
The bottom line and purpose of all this reporting is to tell everyone just how mean President (insert Republican name here) is to CUT Social Security payments.
Now, however, since they have “their guy” in the White House, seems nary a whimper.
But they are unbiased journalists…..  Just ask them.


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