And then there was nothing….

Each night as I go to sleep there is a chance that I will not wake up again in this world.  As each decade in my life passes the possibility becomes more and more probable.

Lord, am I glad I am not an atheist. Imagine going through life knowing that at any moment pfffft!  All done.  No more.  All your dreams, aspirations, your friendships, gone.  No consciousness, no memories, no nothing.  Not even an awareness that pfffft! has happened.  Done.

My life is precious to me, oh so very precious.  That part of me that make me ME is extremely important to me.  I wake up with it each morning and go to bed with it each night.  I wake thankful to be alive.  Thankful that I have another day to be with the wife I love and the share the greatness of what is life. 

I don’t think I am so different from the very vast majority of the rest of mankind.  We are all self aware, and we all have an instinctive fear of death.

Now, how about the life that was never allowed to be?  The one aborted in the womb?  Regardless of when you might think that life begins, you can agree with me that a child aborted in the womb has no chance of that life.  The life potential was stolen that would make that cluster of cells a baby then a child then an adult individual.  A person unlike any other person on the planet before or since has been eliminated.  That child has been robbed of the very thing you have – life.  Your self awareness and consciousness.  Before that child even had the chance… pffffft!  Nothing.

How can an atheist be pro abortion?  An atheist does not believe in God as a giver of life.  He (or she) does not see any afterlife in his or her future.  The atheist sees life as a one time occurrence.  Live it and then your gone.  So with that point of view how could someone possibly choose to take that which is most precious from another?  How indeed and so casually. 

At the same time how can someone who believes in a higher power choose to squander what his or her God has given? If life is a gift then it is a gift to the one it is given.  To take that gift from the one to which it was given in the womb is the ultimate theft.  To never allow that life to grow and be given the opportunity choose his Lord is to never allow that life closeness to God. 

It has only been in recent years that I have become vigorously anti-abortion.  I believe it is because I have learned just how precious to me my life has become.  It is because I know life, that I choose to be pro life

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  1. Your hyperbole about the terror of nothingness and jibes at atheists dont really contribute to the creation of practical policy or the protection of Constitutional rights. I wake feeling the same way you do: pleased to be alive, yet aware of my finitude. I hug my wife, hug my daughter… and proceed to defend their rights by defending a woman’s right to decide what will happen to her body. Pretty fundamental liberty, easy to see, regardless of my position on nothingness.

  2. I’ll bet if you asked your daughter, she wuld certainly be glad your wife didn’t exercise her “right” to kill her before birth.

  3. Very good analysis. I agree.

  4. Kick-ass blogpost, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favs.

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