Please Mrs. Elliott, stop helping!

Having read about the Joint Transporation Committee voting to take more of our money, ( ) I wrote this Letter to the Editor last night and submitted it to our local papers.  Why am I telling you this? To Brag?  To say “What a good boy am I”?  No.  Frankly, I don’t think you really care.  Nor should you.

I am putting this on my blog page to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  When things bother you, don’t complain to your neighbor.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, send a note to your representative in the Statehouse or Congress.  Put the pressure on them for a change.

Here’s the letter: 

 Last November the voters of District 2 chose Elaine Elliott(D) to represent us in Pierre.  We chose her to be our voice, our advocate.  I’m sure she had all of us in mind this week when she voted to raise our taxes.  You see Elaine is on the Joint Transportation Committee and they just voted to pass a bill that would raise all our taxes and make it more expensive to own and operate our cars and trucks.

 Tell me Elaine, were you thinking about the farmers in Spink and Brown Counties when you voted to raise the fuel tax by ten cents a gallon?  Farmers who have been devastated with spring flooding and fall rains.  Were the folks who lost most of their retirement funds in the stock market and are now working part time jobs to make ends meet on your mind when you voted to raise the auto registration fees?  How about the all the folks on unemployment?  The highest unemployment in decades!  Were you thinking of them when you voted to raise the auto use tax by more than thirty percent?  And then there’s those senior citizens on a fixed income whose car is their only means to get around.  I’m sure you were considering them when you voted.

If this is the way you intend to “help” us here in Spink and Brown Counties, please, Elaine, don’t do us any more favors.

Rick Skorupski

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