Sunrise over the great plains … beautiful. 

The stars wink out and the sky turns from black to gray to deep red to bright peach.  In the distance you can the farmyard lights blink off one at a time.  We are much too far away to see any lights in neighbors’ windows, though you know they are coming on.  Then the sun breaks over horizon.  It looks like a giant orange beach ball.  

As I sit here this morning watching the dawn break through the window I am again reminded that the people who grew up here do not know what they have.  I look out the window and stare in awe at all God has made.  It is a crisp morning, the visibility is unrestricted.  My outdoor thermometer reads -1, too cold for birds to sing. 

Step outside and there is nothing but quiet, no cars, no trucks, no freeway noise, no airplanes or helicopters overhead, no noise whatsoever.  It is so quiet you can hear your own breathing and in a moment or two, your heartbeat.  It is peaceful here.  A place where one can commune with his God without the noise of the world to interrupt the conversation. 

To say I love it here is to say that Bill Gates is fairly well off.  There is no place I would rather live.  Sure… it gets cold.  Sure… my bank and grocery store are miles away.  BUT I can sit outside for a time, albeit short, this morning and enjoy the sunrise.  I can thank my God that I have lived another day and will rejoice in His blessing.

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  1. Good morning,

    It is beautiful, isn’t it. It’s good that you remind us. When we returned from Denver Thursday night, both Vic and I commented on the quietness and the freedom we have in the country. Denver was fun for a few days, but this is where I really want to be.


  2. Thanks Rick! I enjoyed the same scene the other morning as well! God’s beauty is far beyond anything made by man!

  3. Rick and Cheryl, Happy New Year….I love your comments – we are so lucky to be South Dakotans – either by birth or choice….and I thank God for you and your conservatism!!! I wish everyone felt like you do about our great country. Please keep track of the Legislature….I was thrilled to find your blog and hope you write lots and lots…

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