Loose touch with the people and loose your town.

South Dakota has a new noxious weed.  No matter how many times the citizens of Sioux Falls and the State Legislature try to kill it, it keeps coming back. 

That weed is The New Sioux Falls Event Center. 

Let me see if I understand this…  The Sioux Falls city council wants add a penny to the sales tax to build the event center that the people voted against a few years ago.  To add that penny they need to change the state law.  The law the State House refused to change two years ago.  Why was it brought up then?  To build the same event center!  Now I see on the news that the council said that they will float a bond issue and raise property taxes to pay for the new Event Center if they can’t get the penny tax.  

First the general populace said NO on the ballot.  Then the State Legislature said NO to the added tax for the funding.  Then the local community said NO to the location.  

You would think that those running Sioux Falls would take the hint.  If this were going on in a city back east I would be looking to see who owned the property around the site.  I’d be looking for the graft, for the payoff.  Who gets the construction contract?  Who is he related to?

Now, I am not a citizen of Sioux Falls.  In fact I am a fairly new citizen of South Dakota.  I came from the east coast, from the middle of the eastern megalopolis.  I have seen cities destroy themselves under the pressure of over taxation and over regulation.  I have seen what happens when the people lose control of their elected representatives.  The cost of living goes up while the quality of life goes down.

In my lifetime I have seen wonderful cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore go from great ports, leaders in innovation, production and culture to cesspools of drugs, graffiti, corruption and graft.  These eastern cities, through their tax increases and over regulation, have driven out the people making the money and paying the taxes.  The more taxpayers that left the more these cities had to raise taxes on the rest to keep funding their pet projects.  Thus driving more taxpayers out.

Hey Sioux Falls City Council…. Ever take a minute to wonder why the towns around you are growing at a such rapid rate?  Towns like Tea, Brandon and Canton are getting the money and the taxpayers you are throwing away.  

Get out of your offices and into the café’s.  Break the cycle of group think.  If people wanted to live in a big city they would be in Minneapolis.  If they wanted large taxes and a big event center they would be in Sioux City. They are here in Sioux Falls because Sioux Falls is a big – small town. 

I’ll bet if you took the time to ask, I think you would find that most folks want you to keep it that way.


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  1. It is as you know the same everywhere you go. We have a developer who owns the Sacramento Kings, who is bound and determined to build a new arena, and has tried for 10 years to get the citizens to pay for it. It failed every time. NOW he got the Basketball player Kevin Johnson elected mayor, and here it comes again with Johnson behind it, and they are trying to build it on the STATE FAIR grounds, by leveling the horse racing and stables areas. The land was donated to the state for a fair ground, (and no other use) in perpetuity, and reverts to the family if any other use is attempted.

    It is completely ileagal to even consider it but forward they go. The freeway next to it is served by a 3 lane BLVD that has a SINGLE lane onramp to the section of the worst congestion on that freeway because of a bottleneck on the bridge across the American River. There is a huge shopping mall also feeding that freeway one exit down, the traffic studies suggest total gridlock, but forward they go…

    The Maloofs care only about building an empire and sticking the public with the bill. They already have an arena, THE second one we have built in 20 years for them, and has multiple freeways and onramps food venues and easy access, but they dont WANT that one, it is not BIG enough for their massively inflated casino owning EGO’s.

    They won’t pay for it themselves, but they won’t stop till they get it. Now that they have a Basketball Cronie in thier pocket, they will do it, they will ram it down the public’s throat and do it at our expense.

    Good luck stoping it Rick, hope your neighbors have better luck than we do.

  2. Very heated, but you bring up some good points. I never got how politicians could implement things that go completely against what the general population wants. Really makes no sense and is an effective way to piss off your community.

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