Right from the starting gate.

I was reading Bob Ellis’s blog (Dakota Voice) last night and he tells us that South Dakota Representative Don Kopp of District 35 has pre-filed legislation for the upcoming legislative session which would require both sides of the Global Warming debate to be presented in the classroom.

Here’s the link:


This is going to separate out the RINO’s right away.  We will know at the beginning of our Legislative session who stands for common sense and who has a hidden agenda.  

In my opinion this bill is a no brainier.  Something as controversial as man made Global Warming should be discussed not force fed.  Only someone with a liberal bias (and not wanting to bring this FRAUD to light) or someone beholden to special interests will oppose this bill.

Here is our first litmus test for the 2010 South Dakota Legislative session.  There is no doubt on this one.  Those who are true Conservatives will stand up in favor of this bill.  Those who ran as conservatives and lied, will start shucking and jiving almost immediately.  This year we will KNOW just who in our Legislature is looking out for us and who should be looking for another job.

Thanks Bob, for bringing this to light.  It will make this legislative session much more interesting since we will know the players right out of the gate.


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