Just this one thing….

Last year during the South Dakota Legislative session I talked, emailed and otherwise communicated with several of our Legislators concerning a number of different topics.  Mostly to get them to vote against more nanny state legislation or to vote for reductions in the size and scope of government.  Here is what I kept hearing, “Rick, you know I am a conservative and work hard to keep the government in check, BUT on this one thing,  I think it is important that I support (insert pet issue here).

What’s wrong with this picture?  Let me put it in a way that simplifies the process.

Lets make up three fictitious State Congressmen, Call them Tom, Dick and Harry.  All are good men with a good understanding of what runaway government can do to a state.  All ran on a platform of fiscal and social conservatism and all of them truly believe they are.

Tom is a good guy with a big heart and loves children.  He thinks that children should be protected so he brings a bill to the Statehouse that mandates a child must wear a helmet while running.

Dick on the other hand has had it with his local tavern.  They have been caught and cited several times for selling alcohol to minors.  He has a bill that would ban all establishments within 1 mile of a school from serving alcoholic beverages.

Harry’s has a constituent with an ailment that is very painful but not life threatening.  She will recover in time but to ease her pain there is a treatment.  The treatment is very expensive and not covered by her insurance.  So Harry has a bill to force every insurance carrier in the state to pay for this kind of treatment. 

As is my habit, I go reading the bill list on the SD Legislature web site and I find these three bills.  I e-mail or call Tom, Dick and Harry in turn and ask them why they are supporting this kind of nanny state legislation.  You know what I get?  “Well Rick, you know I always vote the conservative line but, you see, on this one thing…….

Now, to add to the trouble, Tom, Dick and Harry are friends so they support each other on their pet issues.  What happens?  We have a legislature full of “conservatives” who have just passed three obtrusive and intrusive laws.

That’s what happened in South Dakota last year.

Now, we are only at Day 2 of the 2010 session and here come the special issues and bills “for our own good”.   All put forward by good people who are conservative ….except for this one thing.

PLEASE FOLKS, don’t let this happen again.


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