She just couldn’t wait…..

I think it is important to hold our elected officials accountable.  I do this not only with blogging and talking to neighbors and friends, I do it with letters to the editor like the one here.

This letter is specific not only to South Dakota but to Brown and Spink counties.  It is a comment on a recently elected state Congresswoman in my district.


She just couldn’t wait…..

Showing her true colors State Congresswoman Elaine Elliott-D (district 2) jumped right into this year’s legislative session by co-sponsoring a bill to raise our taxes and fees.  She is listed as a House Co-Sponsor of Senate bill NUMBER ONE! 

A bill that will do the following:

1. Raise the License fee (registration) for all non-commercial vehicles.

2. Raise the License fee (registration) for all commercial vehicles.

3. Raise the License fee (registration) for all recreational vehicles.

4. Raise the License fee (registration) for all motorcycles – large and small.

5. Raise the tax on GASOLINE and DIESEL

6. Raise the tax on ETHANOL and ETHANOL blends

7. Raise the tax on BIO DIESEL

8. Raise the tax on “Special fuels” (I guess in case they missed something.)

9. Raise the Use Tax (Sales tax) on all vehicle purchases, NEW and USED.

10. Raise the fine for operating a vehicle that is over weight.

Anybody see a pattern here?

Mrs Elliott couldn’t wait to get to Pierre in order to stick it to the citizens of Spink and Brown counties.  Let’s remember this in November and “send her back to her day job”.


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