OK … Here’s my spending freeze

Obama says he wants to put on a spending freeze next year, but only on certain things.  This is after he has grown the spending and the deficit by almost half again what it was.

Here’s the equivalent in my household.  I get a home equity loan and add a five-room addition to my house.  Working with a contractor and his bank I build a new heated metal outbuilding for my equipment. A landscaping outfit looking for work has set up a finance deal on pavement, so I get the driveway paved in decorative stone.  I finally go out and buy that new RV I have been thinking about and (of course) the new truck to pull it. 

NOW…..  I decide that maybe we need to cut back so next year… I will cancel the newspaper.

How’s that Hope and Change working for YOU?


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  1. Great!

  2. I used the same analogy. Mine was regarding Obama’s budget proposal that includes the income he expects from cap and trade, which hasn’t passed and hopefully won’t. I said I thought I would win the lottery in a month so I was going to do all the things like you mentioned above, and I would use the lottery winnings to pay for them. His spending freeze is a sham, Stephanie’s vote to increase the debt ceiling is irresponsible, and the spending is unforgiveable. This is the hope and change that Obama wants and that some of us saw and see coming, but of course his holiness and his disciples have a different agenda for our nation.

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