On immigration reform:

On immigration reform: 

Let me say first and foremost that I have no problem with LEGAL immigration.  My mother’s, mother’s parents came from Ireland and Germany, my father’s father from Poland.  Had not these families LEGALLY immigrated, my parents would have never met and I would not exist. 

Having said that, I am strongly opposed to ILLEGAL immigration.  People who have such little regard for our law that their very FIRST act in this country is to break it. 

We all know that the system is broken.  It rewards those who break the law while hindering those who try to do things right.  Simply stated, the system is upside down.  LEGAL work visas are nearly impossible to obtain while comparatively it is a relatively easy thing to simply walk across an unfenced and unguarded border.  In a world that is run by common sense rather than politicians seeking to get reelected, the reverse would be true.  Work visa’s would be easy to obtain by honest folks and ILLEGAL workers would have a hard time finding work. 

But….how to get there?  This will take a new and fresh approach on immigration.  We must make it easy for honest law abiding persons who want be here and work here while making it difficult for those who use our soft borders to break the law.  That is true immigration reform. 

A man smarter than me laid out a simple idea that seems to work in my mind.  Here it is in a nutshell….. With my personal modifications, I will spell it out in a simple four step process. 

1. CLOSE THE BORDER!!!!!  If you come home from vacation and find that a hose burst on the washing machine and water has flooded the basement, what do you do first?  TURN OFF THE WATER!!!  We need to build a fence, patrol the fence and stem the tide of illegal traffic of people, drugs and who knows what else is coming across into this country. 

2. Enforce the laws concerning hiring illegal workers.  Put the full force of the legal system behind it.  A company violates the law once they pay an outrageously hefty fine, second time – someone goes to jail.  No one will be willing to risk jail time to save a few bucks on labor.  Illegal hiring will dry up. 

3. Establish at legal points of entry as a means for LEGAL workers to come in.  Each person wishing to enter will have fingerprints taken, perhaps other biometric scans as well.  Each will be compared to a data base of prior offenders and, when cleared, (this can and should take less than a minute) will be issued a green card.  One thing, each individual will be asked to sign a card stating that should they violate ANY law they will be subject to immediate revocation of their visa and deported.  Each person holding a work visa will be required to renew that visa at regular intervals (perhaps semi annually). 

4. Open the outbound gates and let the stream of those who are here illegally get out so they can get in line to come back in legally.  Those 12 to 20 millions that the government says they can’t deport will gladly deport themselves so they can get in line to get the legal visa. 

This is immigration reform that works. Where did I get the original concept? From a book written by man that understands the world that works and the world that fails. 



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  1. How did your grandparents come here? As I recall from history there was no such a thing as getting in line back then…correct me if I am mistaken….
    Probably you never cared to ask because the privilege of having all the things you have was given to you just because you were born under a lucky star…
    Let’s open the exit gates and let’s kick everyone out, including you and me… because we are here illegally according to history. I agree with you that there is an issue with the illegal immigration…but i would love for you and your opinions to find those lines and wait in there to re-enter this country. Have you ever tried to apply for a visa to go anywhere? You don’t need to. Your American Passport gets you places with no trouble and that is due to your grandparents going through hell and hunger to get here. Blame NAFTA for the flood of Mexicans. You can’t have cheap imports and expect people not to look for a way of survival. Do you know that America has the lowest food prices and the larges obese population in the planet? I think that is not because of our hard work… Unless you grow your veggies and raise your cows in your backyard.
    It is not the illegal immigrants that are living of our tax dollars…it is us the Americans who made sure that those people don’t have a job back home. To us more is never enough and we don’t care how many lives we affect as long as wall-mart is still in business. While illegal immigrants are straggling to put food on the table, people like you are bored on a Saturday afternoon and start bloging about things that they have no clear understanding of. I guess is not football season yet…

  2. I have approved this reply, not in the spirit of “fairness’ but to show how hateful and mean spirited the typical Liberal is.

    To start with my great grand parents and my father’s father’ names are found on record in the Ellis Island archives.
    So…. No, they did not sneak in illegally. They were drawn here by the promise of freedom, and liberty. By a government that was established to protect that freedom and liberty (another concept few liberals seem to able to understand). I offered an idea for an equitable solution for our illegal immigrant problem and all you could do was reply with vitriol and venom.
    I’m surprised you didn’t manage to blame Bush in your comment. Though you were close, Clinton signed the NAFTA treaty… not Bush.

    It appears to me that we can not have a conversation.

    How about trying something like “I don’t like this part of your idea but this other part may have some merit. Here are a few of my suggestions….

    Then perhaps we can have some kind of dialog.

    Frankly… I think you are so filled with hate for this country’s history and culture I don’t believe you are able.

    If, after having read this, you intend to reply with another volley of hate and mean spirited accusations, you need not bother. I’ll just delete it.

  3. As far a I can tell, all my family and my wife’s came over here legally. My side of the family was here in the mids 1700’s (before the US) and my wife’s invited as refugees out of war torn Europe in late 40’s.

    One book I had to read for a college course talked about the reason for so many illegals in the SW was due in part to Americans not willing to take certain jobs. This included farm harvesting and hotel services (from cooking to maid services). For the hotels, they justifed their position as to the hiring of illegals to be that they are able to keep the prices down by using illegals.

    Now this book comes from the 90’s when the economy was better. I wonder if there isn’t more Americans that are willing to take these jobs now and cut back on the illegal workers.

    I guess we could put more Americans back to work, by bulding that fence that is needed.

    • You know, I hear that same tired song almost every day. “They do the jobs we won’t do.” I say (in the words of Colonel Sherman T. Potter) Horse Hocky!

      When I was a growing boy I rode my bicycle laden with newspapers several miles each day for spending money. On Sundays, the papers weighed more than I did. My first “real“ job was a laborer in a Nursery. I spent the day hauling flats of plants around. As I got older I took another job “most would not do” I washed dishes in a local restaurant. Many young people my age did similar jobs, things like digging ditches and hanging sheetrock. Carrying bundles of roofing shingles up ladders. I have a friend who grew up in the California’s rich Central Valley. He paid his way through college by working in the fields.

      No, I don’t think we as a people are unwilling to do these menial jobs.

  4. Horse hockey! I have always liked that one and use it every now and then.

    I too have delivered newspapers, except my hometown didn’t have the Sunday edition. I was underage to be a delivery boy, but the paper needed someone and I wanted the job.
    Also started out cutting grass at a cemetary using a pushmower around the head stones. Ended up doing alot of odd jobs around there.

    With the unemployment being an issue right now, I would hope that more US citizens will take back our jobs from the illegals that hold some of them now.

    Arizona has the right idea. Now if the Feds would get onboard with the idea. But I won’t hold my breath.

  5. The solution given above is a simple solution, and that’s precisely why the feds won’t do it!

  6. One more thought. If these illegals can come across our borders, wouldn’t you think that a terrorist could?? The Feds need to get off their backsides and come up with something.

    Thank you Arizona for starting something that could lead to more jobs for our citizens and a safer country for us and our families.

    I hope the liberals can look past their special interest groups to figure this out.

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